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My boyfriend tells me my dark brunette hair makes me look mysterious/sinister/smart ... please read.?

I am a 21 yo Caucasian female with light skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair that is thick and wavy. I don't have highlights or anything ... my hair is just one shade of brown. I have grown up watching girls bleach their hair in order to be blonde and pretty. I have just stuck with my brown hair and always believed I looked quite plain and boring. When I told my boyfriend he said there is an element of mystery about Caucasian girls with darker hair, because nearly all girls go lighter - so it looks mysterious to have darker hair. I was food shopping today and took note of people's hair colour and counted waaaay more lighter haired blone girls, only a handful of brunettes. So, basically, I want to know if its true that Caucasian brunettes are 'mysterious' or whatever that means. And why are blondes so popular? BTW I live in Australia, if that helps...

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    It would seem the popular representation of an Australian girl is that of a 'sun bleached' blonde down at the beach. And it is true that many caucasian girls dye their hair and tan their skin to fit this representation.

    Because of this, I think girl with lighter skin and dark hair are sometimes seen as foreign, or not as blatantly the Australian image or norm, and thus a little bit 'mysterious'.

    I am Australian as many generations back as I know, but am pretty regularly asked where I come from (I naturally have pale skin and black hair).

    I'm not sure why blonde is so popular - I guess because of the whole beach culture. It can be a very nice look, but I'm happy with my pale skin and dark hair - I don't think it's plain or boring at all =)

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    I have dark hair too, I don't know if I look mysterious, but that sounds like something fun. I don't think that just because someone has blonde hair, that they are pretty, or happy, or smart. We all suffer pain and sorrow, and happiness, no matter what your hair color is. I guess you could dye your hair, if you think it will make you feel better, but I am leaving my hair the color it is. My mom has blonde hair, and she has suffered so much in her life. I wouldn't want to trade places with her.

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    I'd like to second hot girl's mention of redken. I have really, really thin blonde hair (like, you can see quite a lot of scalp), and I use Redken Body Full shampoo and conditioner and my hair looks awesome and thick and bouncy. Makes me happy about my hair. When I wash my hair and want it looking thick if I go out that night, I leave my hair in a ponytail throughout the day after I wash it (and it's still wet). I find this makes my hair a lot thicker too. Leaving your hair in overnight has a similar effect, but I wouldn't suggest it as it can lead to breakage. Head massages not only feel good but also really work in making more hair grow. It's all about circulation. Exercise helps a lot too (in terms of circulation), as does a diet with enough iron (meats, etc) and leafy vegetables. I'm not a big fan of lettuce on its own, but I get my daily dose of it in wraps, and I love chicken wraps (chicken has protein; also good for hair growth). Also, when you shampoo, spend time massaging it into your roots as this help stimulate hair growth. But when you massage, use the pads of your fingers, not your nails, as nails can rip your hair out. And before you put the conditioner in, squeeze the excess water out from your hair. This helps your hair absorb the conditioner easier. Leave it in for a few minutes, don't wash it out straight away. I put emu oil in my hair overnight some nights as that's supposed to make your hair stronger, healthier, thicker and more of it. I tend to do this on nights when it's just me at home alone, as it looks pretty greasy. Then I just wash it out in the morning. Try not to straighten or blow dry your hair too often, as this will definitely thin your hair out. Hair straighteners remove nearly all the moisture from your hair, which equals 'snap'. Wearing product too often clogs your hair follicles and stops hair from growing. Make sure your hair has enough moisture, too. I use a Redken Clear Moisture hair mask twice a week. I especially recommend it if you do straighten your hair often. Don't use it too much necessary; it can weigh your hair down a lot. Lastly, avoid really long, unlayered hair. Layers are your friend, and shoulder to medium length hair means it isn't weighed down. Hope this helped!

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    people say popular when something is in very large numbers,common and are available almost every where. But,where those are in less numbers, people say it as unpopular,mysterious,rare and so on.When they also grow more in numbers people say them also common and popular.

    This is the nature of the human mind.

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