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支持奧巴馬的人都有以下的共通點:重點很多人都不希望共和黨繼續執政,深怕延續布殊(George W. Bush)過去八年糟透的施政。 而奧巴馬那深具政治魅力和超卓的自信,他在很多層面上都有良好的溝通,一個近年最具政治明星的領導人,雖然他在外交經驗等於零,但他選對了外交經驗卓越的拜登作他的副手,可見他深明自己的不足,沒有刻意隱藏弱點反而正視自己不足的優點。 他極力支持反戰;要在最短時間結束美伊戰爭。 著力面對解決當前最嚴重的金融經濟危機和那超過一萬億美元國債。 這些種種都是在大選前的民意調查中,奧巴馬得以領先的原因。

以往在政治上常被忽略和輕輕帶過的民生低下階層的社會結構性問題,在奧巴馬的就任總統後,這些不被重視的議題或會得到重新重視和解決,我期望著他當選後會延續在伊利諾州當參議員時對低下階層所作的關注和貢獻,還有他致力融化種族和黨派的分歧爭拗,達致一個真正共和的美國,那一個團結創建未來的地方。 這兩點是很多領導人的弱點和所欠缺的,這亦是我個人最期侍奧巴馬為我們所帶來的「改變」,我深這些都會為全球帶來一些新方向和新景象的。

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    Support奧巴馬of the persons all have a following something in common:Point none of a lot of people hopes that Republican party continues it's ruling, deeply afraid continue cloth extremely(George W. Bush) for the past eight years what a mess administration. And Ao Ba Ma3 that deeply has political charm and eminent self-confidence, he all has a good communication on a lot of levels, a recent years has leadering of political star most , although he equals in diplomacy experience zero, he chose a rightness diplomacy experience outstandingly does obeisance to ascend to make his assistant, it is thus clear that the shortage of his deeply clear he, don't conceal weakness to on the contrary face the advantage of oneself's shortage intentionally. He makes every effort to support an anti- war;Want at most a short time end War in Iraq. Put forth effort to face to solve at present the most serious financial economic crisis and that more than USD 1,=00,000,000 national debt. These are all various before election of in the opinion poll, Ao Ba Ma3 can lead of reason.

    The people's livelihood often being neglected and lightly once bringing on political formely is low and downscale social structure problem, at Ao after president taking office of Ba Ma3, these subjects wasn't valued or will be re- valued to reach agreement definitely, I expected that he will continue after winning an election to be senator in Illinois to lowly stratum make of concern and contribution, also have him the rifts that is dedicated to melting race and party groupings to dispute, attain with the result that an United States of real republican, that incorporation establishes a future place. This 2:00 is a lot of weaknesses for leadering and lack of, this also is I am personal to most expect to wait on Ao Ba Ma3 is brought by us of"change", I am deep these will bring some new directions and new prospects for the world.

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    Supports the Austria Pama's people to have the following common feature: The key many people did not hope that Republican Party continues to be in power, is very afraid the administration which the extension cloth different (George W. Bush) the past eight years was ruined. But the Austria Pama that depth politics charm and the outstanding self-confidence, he has the good communication in many stratification planes, one recent years most had the political star the leader, although he was equal to zero at the diplomatic experience, but he elected right diplomatic experience remarkable Biden to be him the assistant, obviously he deep bright own insufficiency, hideaway weakness instead has not faced up to the insufficient merit desirably. He supports vigorously anti-war; Must end the US-Iraqi war in the shortest time. Tries and that surpasses 1,000,000,000,000 US dollars national debts facing the solution current most serious finance economic crisis. These all sorts are in election's poll, the Austria Pama can be in the lead reason.

    Formerly often was neglected in politics with has brought gently the livelihood of the people low social stratum social constitutive question, takes office president after the Austria Pama, these not the subject which will take or will obtain take seriously and solve, I was expecting after he was elected, will continue in the Illinois state, when senator made the attention and the contribution to the low social stratum, but also had him to devote to melt the race and parties' and groups' divergent struggle, attained a genuine republican US, that unity foundation future place. These two spots are, this which many leader's weakness and are short of is also my most time waits on the Austria Pama “the change which” brings for us, my deep these can bring some new directions and the new picture for the whole world.

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