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poodle X maltese混種九周大,是個女孩,有出生證明,注射過一針,很乖巧不亂叫,剛買?總共1,300(包括狗窩、三件衣服、藥水、小玩具、狗零食一罐、飼料一包只用了一點點、小鞋子兩套共四雙、除蟲藥X2 價值約100元

外出包X 2價值約120)才剛買沒多久,東西甚至有些還未拆封,很新



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    As having a pet is not allowed by the landlord, I have no choice but to give up my beloved dog which is really tough for me. I hope I can find dog lovers out there who will cheerish my dog the same way as I did.

    The dog is a female poodle x maltese mix breed nine weeks old, verified birth certificate, just being vaccinated, extremely obedient and doesnt have the knack of barking wildly. Recent accessories purchased for the dog totoalling $1,300 dollars (Kennel, 3 doggie clothes, antibiotics ,small toys, can food for dog x1 , a packet of dog food only a small proportion used,four pairs of shoes, flea collar x2 worth $100 dollars, carry bags x2 worth $120 dollars). All these items were recently purchased ,some of the items have not being unpacked and are still in the original boxes.

    Asking price $600 dollars

    Anyone who is interested please call (04)1494-2662

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    1.Because the landlord sees not to permit to raise dog, does not give up very much really, now seeks dotes on it the human

    poodle X maltese raises mixed crops nine week big, is a girl, some birth proof, has injected a needle, very clever does not kyoodle, just bought? Altogether do 1,300 (including kennel, three clothes, liquid medicines, small toy, a dog between-meal snack pot, a feed package only use little, small shoe two sets of altogether four pairs, how long the deinsectization medicine X2 value approximately 100 Yuan to go out a package of X 2 value approximately 120) just now not to buy, the thing some have not even broken a seal, was very new

    2.Cash sale 600 Yuan

    3.Italy invites the electricity

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