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    Straits Exchange Foundation chairman 江丙坤 and Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits chairman 陳雲林 met for the second time yesterday at The Grand Hotel in Taipei, to discuss the creation of formalized negotiation process and to represent their respective parties in the signing of four important agreements: cross-strait air transportation agreement, cross-strait sea transportation agreement, cross-strait postal exchange agreement, and cross-strait food safety agreement.

    The agreements sanction cross-strait direct flights and direct postal exchanges. With the recent approval of direct investments from mainland, open postal exchanges, open trades, and open transportations will soon materialize.

    In terms of air transportation agreement, both sides decided to create direct routes, increase the number of flights from 36 to 108, increase the number of destinations from 5 to 21, and expand weekend charter flights to daily charter flights.

    In terms of sea transportation agreement, Taiwan will open up 11 ports, including the currently used 5 ports, while China will open up 63 ports. Both sides also agreed to waive operating taxes and income taxes from businesses that resulted from the direct transportation.

    In terms of postal exchange agreement, existing service for registered mail has been expanded to packages, express mail, and plain mail. Taiwan will open 5 distribution centers in Taipei, Kaoshiung, Keelung, Jinmen, and Mazu, while China will open up 8.

    The cross-strait food safety agreement emphasizes information exchange and information handling mechanisms. When a major food safety incident occurs in the future, production and export of the product in question should halt immediately to protect the rights of victims.

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    Sea Base association Chairman Jiang Bingkun yesterday and mainland China arats chairman Chen Yunlin, held second time “Jiang in Taipei Yuanshan Hotel the Chen meeting”, discussed that established both banks institution to consult, and signed on behalf of both banks:

    “Both banks aerial transport protocol” and “both banks shipping agreement” and “both banks accessible by postal communication protocol” and “both banks food safety protocol” four important agreements.

    In four protocols, the aerial transport determined that establishes both banks to fly straight, the mail aspect also adopts directly accessible by postal communication, in addition the open mainland direct investment, accessible by postal communication, trade and navigation "big three links" will have implemented officially.

    In “aerial transport protocol” aspect, both sides resolved that establishes the direct route, the flight adds from 36 classes is 108 classes and adds from five stops is 21, in the weekend the chartered airplane will also expand for the ordinary day chartered airplane.

    In “both banks shipping agreement”, Taiwan will open 11 harbors, including "mini three links" five harbors, the mainland authority opens 63 harbors;

    Both sides also agreed that the tax revenue exempts mutually, obtains the transportation revenue to exempt the business tax and income tax in the opposite party mutually.

    “Both banks accessible by postal communication protocol” aspect, from had the registration correspondence service, expands to the packet and package, express as well as the ordinary mail, Taiwan opens Taipei, Gaoxiong, Jilong, Jinmen and Mazu five distribution bureaus, the mainland opens eight.

    “Both banks food safety protocol” emphasized the information notification and processing mechanism, if in the future has the significant food sanitation incident, should suspend producing, the output relevant product immediately, guaranteed victim's rights.

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