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It is well known that nations of Germany have no cities,and that they do not even tolerate closely contiguous dwellings, They live scattered and apart,just as as spring, a mcadow, or a wood has attracted them. Their villages they do not arrange in our fashion, with the buildings connected and joined together, but every person surrounds his dwelling with an open space,either as a precaution against the disasters of fire, or because they do not kniw hiw to build. No use is made by them of stone or tile; they employ timber for all purposes, rude masses without ornament or attractiveness. Some parts of their buildings they stain more care-fully with a clay so clear and bright that it resembles painting, or a colored design.They are wont also to dig out subterranean caves, and as a receptacle for the year's produce, for by such places they mitigate the rigor of the cold. And should an enemy approach, he lays waste the open country,while what is hidden and buried is either not known to exist, or else escapes him from the very fact that it has to be searched for.

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