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英 文 翻 譯

This paper explores the demand for attendance at professional sporting events using a data set that includes ticket prices and a price index reflecting prices for ancillary goods associated with attendance. Previous research has focused on attendance at Major League Baseball games, but this study also includes attendance at NBA and NFL contests. The analysis largely confirms existing findings that attendance demand is price inelastic, a result that is often thought to be at odds with the monopoly status of professional sports franchises. The analysis shows that ticket pricing in the inelastic portion of the demand curve is consistent with revenue maximization by monopoly teams that also set prices for related goods and services like concessions and parking closer to the elastic portion of the demand curve.

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    這篇文章探索 對出席在專業體育競賽使用包括票價格和一個物價指數(反映出與出席相關的輔助貨物的價格)的數據集合的需求。 以前的研究已經在甲級聯賽棒球比賽集中於出席,但是這項研究也在NBA 和全美橄欖球聯盟比賽包括出席。 分析基本上確認出席需求是無彈性價格的現有的結論, 經常被認為與專業運動特許權的壟斷地位不和的一個結果。 分析顯示 那票定價在需求曲線的無彈性部分內與一致收入最大化以壟斷球隊, 那也像讓步和更接近於需求曲線的有彈性的部分停放一樣為有關貨物和服務固定價格。

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