Belly Button Piercing?

Im 11 I want to get my BBP Done in 2-3 years.

Any Advise?

Also Does it hurt & share personal opinions please :D. How long does it hurt?

Are you gonna be able to move your belly after? How are you supposed to take a bath with it?

Thanks Remember every Anwser Helps Someones Life which in this case MEE!

Lovee youu

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    1 decade ago
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    I got mine done this past June at the beach.

    First of all, my best advise is to find a place that is..clean. Make sure they dont re-use needles and that they clean all their other instruments after each piercing. When i got mine done it hurt really bad during and for a few seconds after the needle went in, but after that the pain stopped almost completely. You can take a bath with it, but wash it with Dial soap because it is anti-bacterial and that is what it has to be cleaned with. They will also give you another solution to clean it with when you get it pierced. Use it as much as possible so you dont get infected!!! You can move your belly, it just might be sore for a few weeks..i suggest not sleeping on you stomach lol

    Best of luck i'd be glad to answer any more questions you have about it! :)

    Source(s): I have one.
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    make sure they pierce it deep enough too. if not then it will "grow out"

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