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How did European ideas and political developments influence the American colonist? ...2nd part to it. READ PLZ?

How did European ideas and political developments influence the American colonists? How did their actions, in turn, influence Europe? What was the relationship between American colonial radicals and contemporary political radicals in Great Britain?

european Questions. plzzz answer.

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    America was heavily influenced by ideas and philosophies from Europe. America's founders did not create the notion of a republic. They got that from the Ancient Romans, but much of what they wanted to do with politics had a greater influence coming from Britain. Philosophers like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke both had great influence on American thinkers, with Locke being the more influential as Hobbes' solution was not the thing the American founders wanted. America's legal structure is also based on English Common Law, with the exception of the state of Louisiana, which is based off of the Napoleonic Code, which has its real beginnings back to Justinian's Code and Roman Law.

    The American Revolution also had a great influence on Europe and France in particular. Some French officers who fought in the Revolution, like the Marquis de Lafayette, loved the American notion of liberty and began to support similar reforms in France, and as the middle class learned more about the American Revolution, they become more supportive of its goals, which would eventually lead to the French Revolution, the Terror, and Napoleon.

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