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what can you tell me about alabama?

We'd like to visit, we know there is a space camp out there, what else is there that we can check out? any free sights? or if not know, just tell me anything. Thanks so much!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well in Alabama the Space camp in Huntsville is a good place to visit,in Florence there is is Alabama Music Hall Of Fame ,in Birmingham there is the Alabama Sports Hall Of Fame,Vulcan,McWain Center/Imax,the Birmingham Zoo and Botanical Gardens are worth a visit and over in Talladega the Motorsports Hall Of Fame,in Anniston the Natural History Museum,Montgomery has several sites,there is the Pike Pioneer Museum near Troy,and in Dothan there is The National Peanut Feastival.Also Mobile has some beautiful old homes and gardens,and the Alabama Gulf Coast is coming to it's own.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can recommend Mobile. That is a beautiful city on the Gulf coast which has a lot to do and see. I was there just for a day and I really enjoyed it. In Mobile, they have the USS Alabama along with a submarine that you and your family could take a look at. Pretty much you get the run of the ship, with lots of old photos and it is really amazing to see in person.

    There is an Alligator Zoo park which is located about 15 - 20 minutes outside of Mobile which is also really cool. Also downtown Mobile there is so much to see with the historic downtown and many forts and antebellum houses. It is a really a unique place to go.

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  • Marc L
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    1 decade ago

    Check out Alabama on Wikipedia. Lots to learn there and some cool links too...have fun!

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