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what does the fifth one say?

While walking through the Tyrannian Plateau one warm and sunny day (but really, are there any other days on the Tyrannian Plateau?), you stumbled across several Tyrannian JubJubs enjoying the sunny day.

When approached, the first JubJub shouted "Ra!" In response, the second JubJub shouted "Shah!" and the third and fourth replied with "Roo!" and "Ee!"

What did the fifth JubJub say? Please submit only a single word with no other information or punctuation.

I am playing neopets and have no idea how to get the answer

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    I believe the answer is "Brooce" and a few other people seem to think so too, like in the link I'll add

    @ M&M: Making fun of a kid for having a virtual pet? GG M&M! No your e-[Censored] did not grow. Try again next time

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    Real pets are now obsolete?

    Go on an adventure instead - read a book?

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