Error 0xc0000022 Open Tibia Server?

I try to open an Open Tibia server in my pc, but when i start the *.exe it says

"error Error 0xc0000022"

what can i do?


when i open the *.exe, that error comes up, but i had NEVER been able to open one, always this error. plx hlp, what does it mean? a security error? or what? is anything i can do?

i use windows xd pro

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    On this page you'll get

    the requested information.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    youtube was bought out by google a few years ago and now the searches use the google search engine. the problem lies with the power outage that affected a google farm. since one farm services millions of people it is a huge slowdown. every search has to be rerouted to a (working) farm and that increases the server workload therefor slowing it down. now most people are experiencing more than a lag, but a total disconnection, this is because the farms that are working have to randomly prioritize each individual search, sometimes you get lucky sometimes not, but in the end it was just a power outage in one of the Google farms. it should be fixed soon after the reboot the server farm

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