Does Mexico need to build a wall ?Weapons sold in Houston kill in Mexico is it time Mexico put up a wall?

Drug cartel gangsters waging a criminal insurgency against Mexican society and government are making the Houston area their marketplace of choice, as they spend millions of dollars statewide buying military-style weapons and ammunition.

Gangsters have honed in on this city because of its glut of gun shops, its proximity to the border, and its long-established networks for smuggling narcotics into the United States, federal law-enforcement officials said.

The surge in fraudulent purchases comes as more than 4,000 people have died in Mexico's criminal underworld violence this year.

Authorities can point to numerous crimes, including the infamous 2007 Acapulco Massacre to illustrate the carnage brought on by Houston-bought guns that have gotten into the hands of ruthless killers.

The need for arms is increasing as Mexican drug cartels are battling one another and the government after President Felipe Calderon made restoring the rule of law his priority upon taking office two years ago.

"Our investigations show Houston is the top source for firearms going into Mexico, top source in the country," said J. Dewey Webb, special agent in charge of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' Houston division.

The agency known as ATF is trying to bring down at least three cells here it contends supply weapons to the Gulf Cartel, according to documents filed in local U.S. District Court.

Since 2007, when the investigation was launched after an audit of a gun store's sales records, agents working with Mexican counterparts have traced at least 328 Houston-bought firearms to those cells.

The ATF knows when and where some guns were used to kill police, gangsters and others in Mexico, according to the documents.

During a 15-month period in 2006 and 2007, 22 alleged conspirators paid $352,134 — in cash — for guns. The ATF contends:

•A Bushmaster carbine, a civilian version of the M-16 assault rifle, bought at an Academy sporting goods store on South Gessner was used last year by drug gangsters who disguised themselves as soldiers to massacre four police officers and three secretaries in Acapulco.

•A similar rifle was sold at a Carter's Country gun store in July 2006 and recovered two months later in central Mexico after the murder of a cattle buyer kidnapped at a small-town soccer match. At least 45 assault rifles were sold by Carter's Country to three members of the gun-purchasing group, according to court documents.

•Guns traced to Houston were used in a shootout last March that killed 11 gangsters in the Guatemala highlands.

Carter's Country, Academy and other stores are not charged with wrongdoing. They declined to comment and would not say whether changes have been made to derail cartel efforts to buy guns.

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    I Pray they would have sense enough to build a Wall, but there's NO way in heck the Mexican government would EVER spend their money to do it! The main reason being that the government gets too many Millions ++ of $$Dollars$$ in kick backs from the illegal drug trade that they get in return for the protection they give to their traffickers bringing drugs into America!

    The Mexican Government WANTS these ILLEGAL FIREARMS brought from the U.S. into Mexico if there being used to kill Gangsters! This article you cited plainly states that BOTH the U.S. & Mexican authorities KNOW EXACTLY where the arms are being sold, so why haven't they STOPPED IT? That's what I can't understand! They're ALL being BOUGHT in this ONE AREA so there's NO REASON they haven't stopped them from purchasing them!

    Crap, it's not like Houston sits right on top of the border! That's a bunch of bull! There's a whole lot of towns that are MUCH closer to the border of Mexico where they could literally walk across & buy arms.

    Mexico would never spend ONE PESO to make ONE BRICK to build a Wall because they know all they would have to do is ask the dumb leaders in the United States to do it, & they would oblige them. If it was FOR MEXICO'S SAKE!

    Our Politicians would do it in a New York second, but for the sake of US, the AMERICAN PEOPLE & the future of OUR Country, & GETTING & KEEPING those ILLEGALS OUT! No matter how MUCH the American People demanded it, they would ignore us. Our Politicians know that Wall HAS TO BE BUILT but refuse to do it! We NEED to make them SEE THAT IT IS BUILT! After all, THEY FINALLY NEED TO REALIZE THEY WORK FOR US!

    Mexico has always loved an open border so they can run across to American soil whenever the urge, or CRIME, hits them! We do desperately NEED a WALL! As high as it can possibly be made with razor wire on top of the solid wall the height of the main wall itself! The Wall MUST NOT have OPENINGS in it either, except at VERY rare intervals -- maybe every 1,000 miles or so!

    We have DESPERATELY NEEDED a Wall between our Country & Mexico for decades, & the money we would have saved ALL these years in housing all of these tens of thousands of ILLEGAL CRIMINALS! Decades of having to give them FREE medical, Free food, housing, having them PREYING on OUR CITIZENS - Raping, Murdering, Child Molestation, Robing, Creating Huge Gangs all over our Country laying waste to everything & everyone they touched, Stealing our Jobs, Destroying our Great Educational Systems, Destroying Entire Communities, the List Goes ON & it's ALL BAD & EVIL!

    THESE PEOPLE HAD NO RIGHT TO COME INTO OUR COUNTRY & JUST TAKE OVER! They didn't come thru LEGALLY! So, THEY HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO REMAIN HERE! Just because so many Politicians have "courted" them, & believe that they've built up a huge "Voting" base among these people is NO reason that they should be ALLOWED to remain here! WE HAVE NO ROOM HERE! OUR ECONOMICS CANNOT SUPPORT THEM!

    As soon as this latest Economic Crisis hit, did they stay & try to work at our sides to try & rebuild, & work through this mess? Heck NO! They ALL RAN HOME to MEXICO like a bunch of RATS! This shows just what kind of LOYALTY they have, & what KIND of People they are! BUILD THAT WALL NOW, & KEEP THEM IN MEXICO WHERE THEY RAN TO, WHERE THEY BELONG!

    Heck! Let them buy more guns, build up our economy, kill as many as they can! Especially their gangsters! God Bless Em!! Build them a Super Highway from the border to the gun stores in Houston!!


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    NO! we need to crack down on the drug distributors and users in America. It's called SUPPLY and DEMAND! If we didn't have people distributing drugs or hooked on them, these drug cartels wouldn't be here in the first place. A very good example is the Grandfather in Vegas that stole millions from the people he was dealing with. If it wasn't for idiots like him, drug cartels wouldn't be here and kidnapping innocent children for ransoms.

    Kidnapped boy's grandfather arrested

    Las Vegas Police Capt. Vincent Cannito told reporters Tinnemeyer is involved "significant drug dealing" worth millions of dollars. His grandson was allegedly kidnapped by drug dealers in an attempt to flush Tinnemeyer from hiding and recover their lost money, he said.

    "These are extremely dangerous people," Cannito told CNN. "This is as bad as it gets."

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted unidentified sources Friday as saying a member of Cole's family owes a Mexican drug gang between $8 million and $20 million.

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    Mexico can chain fire-breathing dragons along their side of the border and it would be fine by me. They're a sovereign nation, just like the United States. I don't care what happens south of the Rio Grande.

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    1 decade ago

    Not the effect you were looking for huh?.... They should build the damn wall. Save the US some money for all the services rendered to the line jumpers now.

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  • kara
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    1 decade ago

    Yes, please encourage them to build a wall. With both countries working on it, it would get done twice as fast at half the expense!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I dont care who erects the dang thing....just build it already and keep people on the sides they belong on.


  • 1 decade ago

    it would be nice,the money to do this is not going to happen mexico has not the desire or resources to do this.US will have to do it it gets done

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes! And i will volunteer to build it... for free!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, put that wall up so illegal aliens will stay where they belong.

  • 1 decade ago

    mexico is smart enough to know that a wall will not work.

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