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how do i play with my Siberian husky? ?

so i grew up with a couple of different breed of dogs, and i noticed my Siberian i got a little while ago is a lot less amused then these other dogs. Does anybody know any kind of games or anything i can play with my Siberian? if this question is not clear enough E-mail me and i'll try to explain it better.

and please people don't say stuff like "you should have researched this breed before you got him" or " you should have gotten a different breed"

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    Games to Play with Your Dog

    People who regularly play with their dog develop understanding, respect and communication with their dog. Games are activities you do with your dog that require the two of you to communicate and work together in some way. While some would argue with me I also distinguish games from sports. Games may have a goal but they have no titles, no placements, no ribbons. Games might even involve competition - but it is competition of the moment. Playing games with your dog is really good for your relationship. Remember that while dogs are not humans in fur suits they are social creatures and playing is an important element in developing social relationships. Playing games is a fundamental way of "modeling" real life. You can teach a dog to obey by playing games that make following your instructions fun. Don't believe me? Think about kids and how much they enjoy "Follow the leader" and "Simon Says" Think about all the games kids play that involve following (or failing to follow) directions. Kids learn from this and so do dogs. And handled properly the learning is a very positive experience.

    These are games and ideas submitted from a variety of sources. For the most part I've posted them without editing.

    Follow the Leader

    Find the Treat

    Hide and Seek

    My Dog Can Do That

    Books and Videos

    Games and Puzzles for People

    Follow the Leader

    A really fun game I play with my dogs and my puppy classes is follow the leader.

    I set up lots of puppy obstacles and traffic cones in no particular order and give each handler the opportunity the chance to be leader. All you need are three dogs and handlers. In the summer (actually most of the year here in Florida) I include a shallow wading pool, also some piles of balls or Frisbees. Well, you get the idea.



    Find the Treat

    I put my dogs on a "down" stay then I put treats in a variety of hiding places. They have to wait until I'm all done hiding them. When I say "GO!" the dog run around trying to each get the most treats. Carol


    Hide and Seek

    I play hide and seek with my dog. I put him on a sit or down wait. Then I hide. When I am ready I call him. Watch out they sometimes peek. This is good for teaching the dog to wait until called as well as fun for you and your dog. Judy

    My Dog Can Do That!

    This is a game published with training tips written by Dr. Ian Dunbar & Terry Ryan. It has cards with tricks or performances of varying levels of difficulty. The more difficult the performance the more points for correctly performing it. The game is sold through a wide variety of dog books and dog supply retailers. See the review by Lynn Richards

    Tricks (Performance Art) - most dogs think that doing tricks if a kind of game. And if you use clicker training often the dog thinks he's training you. "Let's see ..... if I do this .... I can make her give me a treat!"

    Clicker Training

    Clicker training is great for teaching tricks as well as agility, obedience and much more

    More Resources on Games to enjoy with your dog

    Games Dogs Love


    An explanation of the bonding good games encourage plus some fun but simple games for you and your dog.

    Belgian Games


    A wonderful and quite long list of interesting games.

    FUN & GAMES for DOGS


    Teach your dog musical chars, or the tail wagging games. This page maintained by DogScouts.com

    Books and Video

    The linked books take you to Dogwise.com. You can get most of the books in lots of places but purchasing through these links helps support DogPlay - and I like the folks at Dogwise.

    Caninestein : Unleashing the Genius in YOUR Dog

    This book by Betty Fisher is slim and not at all intimidating but filled with a variety of activities for you and your dog.

    Totally Fun Things To Do With Your Dog by Maxine Rock

    This book is one for kids to enjoy with their dog.

    More Fun And Games With Dogs by Roy Hunter

    Fun And Games With Dogs by Roy Hunter

    Fun And Games With Your Dog by Gerd Ludwig

    Life Beyond Block Heeling by Terry Ryan

    Popular Dogs: Tricks & Games by Dog Fancy Magazine, Editors

    Beyond Fetch - Fun, Interactive Activities For You And Your Dog by D. Caroline Coile

    Games and Puzzles for People

    Monopoly the Dog

    Dog Lover Crosswords

    Dog Lover Wordsearches:

    Dogs of the World Playing Card

    Draw 50 Dogs

    Go Bark Card Game

    Gone Fishin' Puzzle

    Ultimate Dog Quiz Book

    Guide to Purebred Dogs Puzzle

    Hope i Helped=)

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  • dundas
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    3 years ago

    Siberian Husky Games

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  • 1 decade ago

    Play Fetch With It...Though Ive Heard Some Of The Siberian Huskies Dont Love To Play...They Love To Jog And Exercise..

    To know more, check this site out: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/siberianhusky.htm

    hope i helped!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My Siberians love to run, if you have a long leash or a fenced yard running, jogging, hiking, pretty much anything that gets them to burn off some of that energy... Typically not a "fetch" breed, as they are not retrievers...Some other "games" my Sibes enjoy would be digging for "treasure" is another really fun thing, bury treats and let them dig them up and "wrestling" play like a dog! And NEVER let your Siberian just roam loose like was suggested by another member. As your Siberian gets older you should look into Bikejoring and(or) Skijoring if you live in an area that has snow...You can start to train to harness now, as long as you don't apply any load to the harness.

    Source(s): 4 Siberians 2 Malamute Mixes
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have a Husky and i usually take her to the dog park and she loves it!! They have three located in Otay Ranch and Eastlake. Husky's demand exercise so make sure your dog gets lots of exercise! Husky's love to be chased. My dog loves when i chase her or when other dogs chase her. They also like playing tug o war. Hope this works!! :D Good luck with your dog!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Siberian husky belongs to the spitz breed, my neigbour has a spitz, she is 1yrs+ They normally let her out freely around the neighbourhood, sometimes we play fetch, she's a naughty one, she LOVES to be free and bites alot of wood(lol!).

    The Siberian Husky has been described as a behavioral representative of the domestic dog's forebear, the wolf, exhibiting a wide range of its ancestors' behavior.[11] They are known to howl, sing and talk rather than bark. [12] Hyperactivity displaying as an overactive hunting drive, a characteristic of kenneled dogs, is often noticeable in dogs released from their captive environment for exercise - a behavior welcome in hunting dogs but not in the family pet. The frequency of kenneled Siberian Huskies, especially for racing purposes, is rather high, as attributed through the history of the breed in North America. A fifteen-minute daily obedience training class will serve well for Siberian Huskies. [13] Siberian Huskies are a very stubborn and dominant breed of dog. Siberians need consistent training and do well with a "Nothing In Life Is Free" training program. They are extremely intelligent and after learning a new skill will often decide when to show off this skill when asked to perform it

    Source(s): WIKIPEDIA
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Siberians like loud sqeecy toys and tug of vor

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  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Understand Your Dog http://DogTrainingClasses.emuy.info/?l768
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  • Don
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    3 years ago

    Dogs are surely man's best friend. This animal is the most loyal and protective animal that you can ever take care of. Read here http://OnlineDogTraining.enle.info/?2fN5

    Once you have become a master of a dog, you are sure to be protected by your pet especially if you have treated your dog very right. Aside from providing what the dog needs, you should also train your pet dog. This is to give your pet the right behavior and habits so that it will become disciplined and well mannered. You will not have a difficult time taking care of your pet dog once it has undergone dog training. Training your dog is easy and fun especially if you have the right information to use. Here are some of the most basic advices to follow when you are training your dog.

    Advice #1: Be the boss at all times. It is a known fact that dogs can sometimes be bossy. These animals are born leaders. But keep in mind that you are the master and should always be followed by your pet.

    Advice #2: Show what is right through your actions. If you say that your dog should not hurt other people, and then show it through your actions. Do not show any sign of anger or violence. Dogs have the tendency to become violent especially when it sees it in its environment.

    Advice #3: Treat your dog as a dog and not as a kid. Do not expect your dog to understand each and every single thing you say. These are still animals that have different ways of communicating. You are actually training your dog according to their personality and behavior. One needs to be very patient in order to successfully carry out the dog training.

    Advice #4: Be consistent with your commands. You should not change mind every now and then. If you are teaching a specific lesson, stay with it until your dog learns to follow it completely. Inconsistency will have your dog confused with the commands that you are calling out. Be firm with what you are teaching. But be sure to reward your dog once it has followed your command successfully.

    Advice #5: Commit to daily dog training. Make sure that you train everyday. Skipping days will make your dog be lazy in following you. You need to make sure that you can allot time for your dog so that it can learn something new everyday.

    Advice #6: Be positive and appreciative. Dogs like to impress their boss. So if you are impressed with what your dog has done, show happiness. Give encouraging words to your dog. It will also help if you give out rewards like food or toys.

    Training your dog to be well mannered and well disciplined means that you are accepting the pet to be a member of your family. Dog training will prevent you from experiencing unlikely incidents because of your pet's misbehavior. Having a pet at home is enjoyable especially if your pet does know how to communicate with you through their behaviors.

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  • g
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    1 decade ago

    i had a sibe,my beloved husky until he passed on. you know, this breed is so smart that they dont fall for the typical games lol.

    my dog like most huskies liked to dig,so i liked to bury/hide things for him in the house. he seemed to like it.

    he loved when i threw snowballs at him.

    for some wierd reason,he liked to retrieve toys, so that made it easy for me to play ball with him.

    a kong filled with yummies is great for their mental stimulation.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago
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