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When I do a web search for myself, dozens of bogus links come up - how do I get off these sites?

When I click on the site (that's either in an other language or refers to something inappropriate) - I'm brought to a security software site that wants me to buy something - has anyone else experienced this trouble and what did you do to clean it up?


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  • Angel
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    Your PC has a virus or more.

    You also have spware and maleware installed and need to run your security protection ASAP.

    If you aren't sure about your security for your PC, download AVG free and Spybot Search and Destroy.

    You should turn off and restart the PC and press F8 until it says you are "in a safe mode".

    At that point, run your security software to find out and fix your problems.

    As for your name, anything you ever post, blog, and many other things if attached to a screen name or your personal name will pop up. All you have to do is Google yourself.

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