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Which sign is the second most clingy?

I hear cancers are clingy even though I don't know any in person, but which sign so you think is the second most clingy?


I do know some clingy virgo' fact every virgo I know is cling now that I think of it....I wonder if i'm clingy lol

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    I'm just saying this from experience, so no one torch me.

    I have had two leo boyfriends. Both were stuck to me like glue. The first one was the WORST. He had the lowest self-esteem in the world and CONSTANTLY had to be babied and pampered and complimented. After 7 months, I bolted. Both of them still keep contact with me, still trying to get me to come back, and I don't have enough spite to tell them to eff off. :(

    I don't think most confident Leos are like this though.

    Edit: And I'm not going to lie, I'm a virgo, and if we don't check ourselves, we can be pretty darn clingy. :P

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    i really honestly think being 'clingy' has to do with your upbringing and not much to do with star signs! just because someone is born at a certain time of year doesnt really mean they are just going to be clingy! wouldnt you imagine the way they were brought up and what they have experienced would have a lot to do with how clingly they are?

    i am a cancer and my fiance (of 3 years) is aquarius. we are both exactly the same with each other. sometimes, he may be even more clingy - and hey we are the total opposite when it comes to compatibility!

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    they say cancer is clingy yet they also say we let go for no apparent reason... so... ??

    But yes, I've known some clingy cancerians.. I wouldn't say I'm clingy though and I'm a cancer

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    You want experience or what it says in books? I've read that Cancer is tenacious, and Scorpio will never let go. I'm not sure because I've not seen that in my experience.

    What sign has gone clingy on me is Aries. I love them, but they want to hang on too much. I broke up with one Aries, and he started a stalking campaign on me the next day.

    I hooked up with another Aries later on, and he cheated on me. I didn't know for about three months. He wanted to have me, and have his girlfriend too. When I broke up with him, he kept calling once a week to see if I had gotten over my 'angry'. When that didn't work, he sent me cutsie cards and flowers. He ended up with the woman he cheated on me with, but now he cheats on her with a new lover. He is doing the same thing to them, clinging and clinging. Wants them both, and still wants me. Now that is clingy.

    Source(s): Pisces
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    I am a cancer woman.

    We strive for security, being understood, and emotional stability.

    We do tend to be clingy. Because we want to hold on to what we have.

    The second most clingy sign would probably be a Pisces, which is another water sign. Water signs are generally insecure.

    Source(s): Being a cancer girl. :( :)
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    Besides Cancer(which believe me, they're clingy as hell), taurus, Leo, libras, pisces, and Scorpios. I can be just a teensy bit clingy myself, but I have a cancer venus and scorpio rising.

    gemini with twice the sexiness.

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    in relationships or what? because I'm a taurus and I'm not remotely clingy. taureans are pretty independent, as well as caps and aries.

    but in relationships i will say

    1-CANCERS--soooooooooo clingy, but nice. for the most part. these are by far the clingy people.

    2- scorpios are pretty clingy, actually very clingy.

    3-pisces! verrrrrrrrrrrry clingy.

    Source(s): those are my top 3.
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    I'm clingy, and my sign is Virgo.

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    1st cancer

    2nd taurus

    3rd pieces

    4th virgo

    5th capricorn

    6th scorpio

    thats all the clingy signs.

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    Cancer is #1 can be stalker material, as fantasy based and obsessional.

    Virgo is #2 as also obsessive and quietly determined.

    Source(s): opinion
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