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Near west side of chicago?

I would like to know what kind of area is near west side. Is it diverse, cultural, and does it have a nightlife???

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    The near west side (basically west of the Chicago River to Damen where you'll find the United Center) is going through gentrification, meaning:

    The process in which a neighborhood is transformed from low-value to high-value properties.

    Which means whatever diversity & culture that is left in the area (which is not much) won't be there too much longer. There are some night clubs there now like the Victor, Lumen, Bongo and Funky Buddah and I imagine there will be more in the future as the gentrification continues. That area is also very very very close to all of the nightlife in downtown Chicago and neighborhoods like Wicker Park. Just for reference, you really don't want to go west of the United Center, that's one of the least safe areas of Chicago.

    On the other hand, University Village & Pilsen which are almost considered the near west side (but more Southwest than directly west) are very diverse, so maybe if that's what you're looking for, look near 18th and Halsted.

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    It's extremely diverse/cultural. All kinds of ethnic groups, variety of businesses. Probably not yet the safest place for someone who is not familiar with the area, and a bit poorer than other Chicago neighborhoods.

    There's a lot of redevelopment/gentrification beginning, so the stereotypical "nightlife" will probably grow. Of course, there are always things to do, and the area is so close to other neighborhoods that are very active.

    If you're scouting the Chicago area, I would definitely consider a different neighborhood first.

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    it is, the neighborhoods are getting more expensive. my rent has gone up but its a really nice place to live. Here it is mixed, i like in a very diverse block. I think its a really good place to move, about nightlife well there are a few bars but nothing really big. All the good clubs are eather downtown or not in chicago at all!

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