Needing girl's names that start with the following letters...?

So I've notice that my list lacks girl's names starting with certain letters. I'd like to fill in those gaps. I like classic, feminine names. No boy names. No nicknames. No made up names. No names that are misspelled.

I need names with the following letters:

B - I only have Beatrice / Beatriu.

D - I only have Dahlia, and Deidra / Deidre.

E - I only have Eleanore / Eleanora, Eloise, Elspeth, Esmeralda, Estelle / Estella, Evangeline, and Eliza.

F - I only have Felicia / Felicity, Fiona, Flora / Fleur / Florence, and Francesca.

G - I only have Gemma, Genevieve, Grace, Gráinne, and Guinevere / Gwendolyn.

H - I only have Hannelore / Hannevieve / Hanneliese, Hazel, and Helena / Helene.

I - I only have Innogen, Iola, Iris, Isla / Isis/ Isolde, Isabeau, and Ivy.

J - I only have Jacqueline, Jane, Josephina / Josephine, and Joy / Joyce.

K - I only have Keziah.

L - I only have Louise / Louisa and Lucille. Lotus and Lilac are maybes.

N - I only have Nadine, Naomi, Norma, Nova , Niamh, and Noreen / Norah.

O - I only have Odette, Opal / Ophelia / Ophelie, and Orchid.

P - I only have Pearl, Penelope, Persephone, Philomena, and Phoebe.

R - I only have Romilly, Rose, and Ruby / Ruth.

S - I only have Saoirse.

T - I only have Tallulah, Therese / Theresa, and Trista.

V - I only have Vanessa, Violet, Vera, Viola / Violet, and Vivienne.

W - I only have Wilhelmina, Willow, Willa, and Winnifred.


I despise Brooke. It's too close to Brooklynn, which is a place, not a name.

Update 2:

Love Daphne.

I have Catherine under C, spelled correctly.

Update 3:

Love Diana and Wilma.

Faith I find to be trashy.

Jamie is masculine and a nickname.

Christian is a boy's name.

Lilian, Nicole, and Olivia are too common for my tastes.

Stacy was originally a boy's name.

Update 4:

Not sure about Lenore and Lenora, since I already have Eleanore and Eleanora.

Update 5:

Dorothy, Diana, Dianne, Hannah, Johannah, Victoria are all lovely.

Elizabeth is too common for my tastes.

Catherine I have spelled correctly under c.

Polly is a nickname.

Shelby is a boy's name.

I prefer Stella as a nickname.

Update 6:

Brooklynn is a place, not a name.

Breezy isn't a name.

Emma and Emmalynn are too common.

Already have Eloise, Gemma, and Grace.

Ireland is a place, not a name.

Kennedy and Kendall are masculine boy's names.

October is a month, not a name.

I already have Opal.

Paige is masculine.

Peyton is a masculine boy's name.

Ross is a masculine boy's name.

Robin is a masculine boy's name.

Rain isn't a name.

Sophie is a nickname, not a name.

Sky isn't a name.

Update 7:

Love Georgiana, thanks.

Update 8:

Delaney, Harley, Cadence, Randall are all masculine and horrid.

Ebony is color. Ireland is a place. Lexi is a nickname.

Piper is ok as a nickname only.

Update 9:

Delilah, Daphne, Geneva, Georgianna, Gail, Jocelyn, Natalia Scarlett, Tabitha, Valerie are all gorgeous.

Prefer Whitney on a boy where it belongs.

Sadie is a nickname.

Update 10:

Greer is a masculine boy's name.

Harper is masculine.

Paige is masculine.

Peyton is a masculine boy's name.

Riley is a masculine boy's name.

Sage is masculine.

Sydney is a place not a name, and is masculine.

Taylor is a masculine boy's names. Tailors were always male.

Tatum is a masculine boy's name.

Whitney I love on a boy.

Winter is a season, not a name.

Update 11:

Tegan is a boy's name, the anglicized spelling of Tadghan.

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    B: Béibhinn/Bevin/Bévin/Bayvin - basically all forms of the same name. That's all I got too. Not a good letter I guess. :)

    D: Danielle, Dagmar, Danika - Dagmar is Germanic, Danika is Croatian

    E: Eilís/Eilish, Elisabeth, Eloïse, Emmeline, Ève (ehv), Eva/Éva

    F: Felice (fehLEES), Frances, Freda/Frieda

    G: Griselda? Gweneth... You have all of the ones I like/have.

    H: Hazel, Honor/Honora(or Onora), Helen I love it spelled this way.

    I: Isobel, Isannah (eye ZA na), Ingrid

    J: Johanna, Julie, Juliana (zhoo lee AH na)

    K: Kara? (kah rah) Kerstin (KEHR steen)

    L: Lauren, Lorraine, Lucy, Lucia, Lucinda, Léonie, Lily/Lilie (Germ. and Fren. version)

    N: Naomh (I prefer this one), Nathalie (na ta LEE) French form

    O: Don't really have any more. I think Olivia can sometimes be a nice middle name.

    P: I'm at a loss, I like pretty much only these.

    R: Rosamund, Rosalind, Rosaline (RAW za line) - Shakespearean character, Rebekah

    S: Sarah (moi!) Scarlett, Soleil, Solenne, Sonia/Sophie (french form of Sophia)

    T: Thomasina? Therèse is my favorite T-name...

    V: Viona, Veronica, Victoria, Vera

    W: Wren, Willa/Willamina - I used to not like Willow, but I've up a great fondness for Willa, and I've sort of picked up on the very similar Willow as well.

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    1 decade ago


    Daphne, Deborah

    Elizabeth, Ellen, Etoile, Elise


    Gretchen, Greta, Gretel, Gertrude

    Hannah, Henrietta

    Irene, Ingrid, Iona

    Janet, Jennifer, Jillian, Jacqueline, Jessica


    Lilian, Lucy, Lillith, Leah


    Olivia, Olive


    Rebecca, Rachel, Roxanne, Rosalind

    Samantha, Serena, Sabrina, Sally, Suzanne, Susan, Sara


    Valerie, Veronica, Victoria, Vincenta

    Wanda, Wendolyn

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    Bridget or Brianna or Bella or Bianca or Barbara

    Dawn, Donna, Donnabella, Dorothy, Doreen, Diana, Dianne

    elizabeth; Eileen

    Giana, Gemma, Gene, Gwen

    Holly, Hillary, Hannah

    Jeannette, Johannah, Jessica, Jenna, Jana, Julia

    Kristin, Kiersten, Katherine, Kaya

    Laurel, Lillian, Lola, Luna, Lynn, Linda

    Noella, Natalie


    Patricia, Polly, Peggy-Sue

    Sarah, Sheena, Shirley, Shelby, Suzanne, Stella, Sofia

    Theodora, Tess, Tessa

    Valerie, Valentina, victoria


  • B: Brianna, Belle, Bernadette, Bellatrix, Bethany, Bidelia, Blythe

    D: Delilah, Daphne, Darcy, Daniella, Diana, Delphina

    E: Emmeline/Emmaline/Emeline, Elise, Eliana, Elena, Evelyn

    F: Fabienne/Faybienne, Fern, Freya

    G: (I love Genevieve, by the way!), Geneva, Gwyneth, Georgianna, Gail, Ginger, Ginnifer/Gennifer, Giuliana, Gillian

    H: Hermione, Hayley, Hilary, Heloise

    I: Imogen, Iliana, Isabel

    J: Janine, Janelle, Jocelyn, Jillian, Jael

    K: Kristina (My name), Kendra, Keira, Kalista, Katarzyna

    L: Lorraine, Liliana/Lillian, Lorelei, Larissa

    N: Nadia, Nanette/Nancy, Natalia, Nelia/Neely, Nola

    O: Octavia, Odele, Odessa, Olive, Olivia, Oliana, Olympia

    P: Prudence, Pamela, Paige, Paloma, Pandora, Patricia/Patrice, Pauline/Paulina

    R: Rochelle, Racquel, Ramona, Regina

    S: Scarlett, Samantha, Sabeen, Sadie, Selena, Sinead, Sheena

    T: Tamara, Tabitha, Tatiana, Talia/Tahlia

    V: Valerie, Valeria, Valencia, Veruca, Verity

    W: Winona, Whitney, Wilona

    Hope you see something you like!

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    B- Bethany, Betsy, Blaine, Blair, Brenda

    D- Delia, Delilah, Daniella, Diana,Dorothy, Debra, Darcy, Dana

    E- Elspeth, Emelia, Evelyn, Eileen, Elise, Elsa, Esther

    F- Farrah, Flannery

    G- Gretchen, Gretta, Gabrielle, Gail,Georgina, Gillian

    H- Hanna or Hannah, Holly, Heather, Heidi, Harper

    I- Imogene, Ida, Ilana, Ingrid, Iris, Ivanna,

    J- Jocylen, Janet, Joanna, Jill,

    K- Kate, Kathleen, Kimberly, Kamelia

    L-Leila, Leah, Lauren, Layla,Lydia, Lucia, Linda,Lisa,

    N- Norah, Natalie, Nancy, Nadia

    O- Olive, ( Sorry, had trouble coming up with more!)

    P- Patricia, Pamela, Petra

    R- Rosemary, Rebecca, Ruth, Rita, Regina

    S-Sofia, Sierra, Selena, Serena, Salma, Sheila, Sonia, Sabrina

    T- Tanya, Tessa

    V- Valerie, Veronica,Virginia, Valentina,Vera

    W- Wendy, Wanda, Winona,

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hey Brooke is my middle name. It's totally different than Brooklyn. Be nice.

    B- Bridget, Brittany (oh wait, that's a place), Bethany

    D- Daveigh, Delilah, Daphne, Denise

    E- Emily, Elise, Elisabeth, Elsa

    F- Frances, Fallon, Faith

    G- Graine, Gloria

    H- Hannah, Heidi, Honor(a), Have

    I- Isabel, Isla,

    J- Jessica, Jemima, Joella

    K- Kaylee, Krista, Kristen

    L- Lilah

    N- Neriah, Noelle

    O- Olya/Olga, Orianna

    P- Paisley, Patience, Pernora

    R- Rachael, Riley, Roma, Rhianna

    S- Sarah, Stella, Shauna

    T- Tierney, Tayla, Trista, Tianna

    V- Veda, Venus

    W- Whitney

  • You already have a lot of the names I love, but here are a few others.

    B -- Bianca, Bellisant, Bridget

    D -- Daphne, Desdemona, Demetra, Dorothea

    E -- Eve, Elodie, Evelina, Emmeline, Esther

    F -- Finola

    G -- Georgiana, Ginevra, Giovanna

    H -- Heloise (though you have Eloise), Hester, Hermione

    I -- Ingrid, Isadora, Isannah

    J -- Juliet/Julianne/Julienne, Johannah

    K -- Keturah, Kerensa, Kestrel

    L -- Luna, Leda, Leta, Leona, Leocadia, Liana, Lila

    N -- Nola (Irish nickname), Natasha

    O -- Octavia/Ottavia, Oriana, Olive

    P -- Priscilla, Philena, Philippa/Pippa, Phyllis

    R -- Rowena, Roxanna

    S -- Susanna, Seren, Sonia, Serena, Selene

    T -- Tabitha, Thalia, Theodora, Tova, Thomasina/Tamsin

    V -- Veronique, Victoria

    W -- Wren, Wrenna (Old English word for wren), Wendy (nicknamey but cute)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    B - Belle?

    D - Delilah, Diana, Diane, Dorothy, Daphane/ Daphne

    E - Evelyn, Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Ella, Ellen, Esme, Esmeralda,

    F - Frances

    G - Genna

    H - Hannah, Harlow

    I - Izobel

    J - Jocelyn

    K - Koraline, Katarzyna, Kristina

    L - Lucy, Lilia, Lillith, Lorelei

    N - Nadiah, Nadia, Natalia

    O - Olivia, Ophelia

    P - I love the name Persephone, maybe the Roman version Proserpina.

    R - Rosalie, Renesme

    S - Sarah, Sofia, Stella (nickname for Estella), Scarlett, Siobhan, Sinead

    T - Trinity, Tahlia

    V - Veronica, Veronique, Victoria/Victoire, Vicenza/Vincenza.

    W - Wilma

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    B - Bella,Belle, Bianca.

    D - Danielle, Diana, Dianne, Dee, Desiree.

    E - Elizabeth, Emily, Emma, Ella, Ellie, Ellen, Erin, Enna, Edna, Erma.

    F - Fannie, Freya.

    G - Gabrielle / Gabriella.

    H - Haileigh, Helen, Hannah, Heidi.

    I - Isabelle, Ida.

    J - Jennifer, Jill, Janine, Jasmine.

    K - Ketura, Kelsey, Kylie, Kara, Katheryn / Katherine, Kelly, Karla, Kendra, Kiera, Keisha, Kimberley, Kaitlyn, Katie / Kate.

    L - Lois, Lily / Lillian, Lila, Lanni, Lara, Lucia.

    N - Nellie, Nan, Natasha, Nicole, Nicola, Nicolette.

    O - Olivia, Oratia.

    P - Polly, Pauline, Patricia.

    R - Rilla, Raya, Rebecca, Rachel.

    S - Sarah, Susan, Suzannah.

    T - Tara, Tillie, Tana, Tessa, Tess / Tessie, Tiana.

    V - Victoria, Veronica, Virginia.

    W - Willadene.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bethany Becca

    Delaina, Debora


    Faith, Felicia


    Jenna, Jennifer

    Kaylee, Kayla, Karyn

    Lindsay, Lynleigh

    Paula, Perryn

    Remy, Reigh

    Saroya, Stephanie, Stacey

    Tamlyn, Terri



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