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What's with the tall guy in the Hancock movie?

Did anyone else notice a tall guy walking across the background while John and Mary were fighting in the street. He looked like a cowboy on stilts, he must have been 10 feet tall. He shows up at 1:11:50.


oops I meant to say it happens at 1:12:50

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    i know i saw that and was like what the heck but nobody else noticed so i did not say anything i think it was just the film makers messing with us :)

    i found this on IMBD on the "Goofs" section

    Miscellaneous: (1:03:40) When the people are running away in fear from the tornados, suddenly in the left of the screen, a strange character runs to the right of the screen. The character is about twice as tall as the normal people and has a robot-like appearance. This doesn't fit in anywhere in the movie. And it is easily missed, because it happens in all the chaos and is only visible for a few seconds.

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    The Tall Guy Movie

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    Yep, saw it too. I kept rewinding it over and over again. Don't really know what it is, BUT.....i sound crazy for saying this but it almost looks like the Master Chief from Halo. It has a helmet that has a forward peak shape on it, just like a armored Halo helmet. Wonder if the movie guys snuck in this easter egg to make us nuts. Creepy though, but cool at the same time.

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