The BCS Scr*wed Texas?

They beat OU, then beat Mizzou, both by double digits, then beat OSU, and the lost to TT on the last play of the game and these were 4 top 11 opponents in a row, so tell me how OU jumped Texas, plus the 2 teams play fr the Big 12 Championship, Texas beat by double digits each. BCS stands for Bull Crap System


i hope they lose to Mizzou, or they get killed in the NCG by Florida, so OU can choke again in a BCS game, then the Big 12 will be imbaressed that their team lost again, and that they should have sent Texas, and the TV ratings will fall, and the BCS would have wished they sent Texas to the NCG

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    To Eric M, all that proves is that Mack B has infintely more class than Bob "Whiner" Stoops.

    Texas fans have every reason to feel screwed. TT's joke of a game against Baylor shows that for all intents and purposes the Big XII South should be head-to-head between OU and UT. The Sooners are the wusses for hiding behing the Red Raiders' skirts for backing in.

    By the way, I am from the PAC-10 and have no vested interest in either team. All that matters is to me is that college football has some semblance of propriety. This latest debacle is further proof that my hopes will never be realized.

    It appears that FBS is an appropriate title. You can guess what that REALLY stands for.

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    Oklahoma is ranked higher in the BCS rankings by a razor thin margin.

    If you look at the numbers you'll see that 1 or 2 voters in the USA Today Coaches Poll flipped from last weeks rankings. Texas was barely ahead last week and Oklahoma squeaked ahead this week. The Harris Poll stayed the same with Texas up by a few points.

    The computer rankings flipped also. Texas was up last week but now it has Oklahoma ahead. So something changed that made the software choose Oklahoma. The computer rankings do not use strength of schedule or margin of victory. What they do use is kept secret, at least from the general public. College football fans should demand full disclosure of the processes. We're told 6 computer systems rank each team and that the highest and lowest are tossed out and the computer ranking is the average of the remaining 4. But that's about it.

    Texas can sit back and hope Missouri outplays Oklahoma next week. They'd jump into the BCS #2 spot with a Missouri victory. It would also be interesting to see how the rankings will change if Oklahoma ekes out a win by a point or 2 over the #20 team.

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    I agree. The communities that are enjoying the appropriate soccer on the tip of the 365 days with the appropriate data must be interior the call sport. it would be Texas vs. Oklahoma. The SEC grew to become into way down this 365 days and that i do no longer understand why, different than checklist, that Alabama grew to become into ranked #a million. Florida could get beat via a minimum of five massive 12 communities. There needs to be a greater useful gadget.

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    Oklahoma Played Missouri and beat them twice last season with basically the same team and missouri were a way better team last year than they are this year who did texas played this year that oklahoma hasn't played this year maybe a really bad Arkansas team or an average Rice team Texas did beat oklahoma but it wasn't on an neutral Field it was in dallas texas and oklahoma was winning for most of the game and texas can't win Though road games and oklahoma has the best offense in the nation enough said

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  • Cherry
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    No. Oklahoma didn't fly an airplane over Boone Pickens Stadium with a banner displaying an irrelevant score. Bob Stoops didn't interrupt other games in progress whining about why his team should be in the Big 12 Championship Game.

    If Texas had so much confidence, why did they pester everyone to death about the rankings? That's why they were knocked out. Nobody wanted to hear Mack Brown's voice anymore.

  • Becky
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    Texas screwed themselves. They choked in Lubbock. Plain and simple. They almost came back after getting dogstomped for most of the game.


    When the BCS was formed they (the coaches and administrators of the big 12 teams, including Texas) voted to set up the tie breakers the way they are. They did it to themselves stop blaming everyone else.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yup texas got screwed and its bullshit. in the sec when there is a 3 way tie they get rid of the lowest ranked team and then have a head to head with the other two. why cant the big12 do that? if they did then texas would be going to the nc not choklahoma. bcs sucks and we need a playoff system. who do you think would do the best in a playoff system... thats right texas.

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    ou got more style points by playing more high ranked teams. They had a tougher schedule. Also tex. lost to tech and ou killed tech. Plus ou lost early so they regained their spot by beating better teams. Texas lost later and didnt have any tougher games.

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    Texas gave up 24 to OSU. Not 41. Florida will score on Oklahoma at will.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Texas vs. Oklahoma State - 28 Points

    Texas vs. Texas Tech - 35 Points

    Oklahoma vs. those two teams - 60+ points

    If you asked the question: which of the two teams is playing better football NOW, Oklahoma's the answer.

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