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Difference between American Health care and Canadian Healthcare?

(Canada) Free health care vs (US) paying for it through work, private. some don't have insurance

this is what I thought it was but I don't think Canadians have free health care. I have to pay for my medication, actually my dads company pays for it but we do get free hospital and doctor what are the differences between Canadian and American health care? do Americans have to pay for every bit of health care while Canadians only have to pay for medication and non health related expenses (lipo, hair removal, eye surgery)


I am Canadian

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    You are clueless.

    Where do you get the free hospital and physician's care from. Your dad has insurance that he purchases through his employer from a for profit health insurance company, right?

    What happens if your dad loses his job like many Americans have already done? The insurance will eventually run out. Your dad would be responsible to pay for all medical care for you and the rest of your family.

    The Canadian health care system is supported by the Canadian taxpayers (if they want lipo, a nose job, or hair removal, I guess they would have to pay for it themselves since those are cosmetic procedures and not really health care).

    In the US, health care is profit based. It is run by for profit corporations and insurance companies.

    That is the basic difference.

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    The difference between Canadian Health care and American Health care is Canadians get it and Americans don't. I know this is an over simplified statement but this is an extremely complicated subject. Have you ever seen a mating ball of snakes? This is the American Health Care System, which is really not a system at all. It is a hodge podge of of vaguely related medical services which has almost no cost controls. The United States is the only industrialized country in the World which has a mess like this. The reason that this is the way it is is because unless one is dealing with Medicare which is a Socialized System or Medicaid which is its neglected step child the United States has a completely Profit driven system. This will change within the next ten years. It will change because it has to. The current structure is completely unaffordable now and will get worse in the future. As to your question on the particulars. Different plans pay for different things. They also exclude certain things or charge deductibles.

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    Americans pay premiums for health care and medications. Depending upon the type of ins. we then pay a percentage or a set copay of all of those services & medications. Premiums are often employer paid or partially paid and often income tax deductible. The very big difference in Canadian & American health care plans is that Americans don't have to wait long periods of time to get treated. My cousin & I both had bypass surgery. I had mine within days, he was in Canada and was put on a 30 day list for his surgery.

  • I happened to lived in two countries before. Canandians have life time free health care, which makes everyone more relaxed and happy. US has a very expensive health care, makes both employer and employee pays way too much to the middle man--health insurance, plus Dorctors are not happy, too, becasue they dodn't get paidif the insuarnce doesn't pay them and the patients can't afford. When you loss job, get old, get sick, you will learn that you have bought the insurance for years, suddently it starts not to cover this, not coverthat. You will realize how hard , how expensive the health care is in US. I wish our new goverment changes it for good.

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