Girl's nicknames name game....?

I want to see who can come up with the most for each name and the most creative. Like, if I gave Joanna, nicknames would be: Jo, Anna, JoJo, etc. Come up with creative ones











Yep, I'm bored :)

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    Christina-- Chris, Chrissy, Christy, Christ, Christi, Tina, Tiny, Chrissi, Chrisee,Christee, Christine, Chrysa, Christin, Christel, Christa,

    Delaney-- DeDe, Lane, Laney, Lanea, Dela, Delia, Dee

    Charlotte- Char, Lottie, Lotta, Letty, Chara, Lola, Loleta, Charil, Charo, Charyl, Charlyn, Lolita, Lotte, Lotti,

    Kennedy-- Kenn, Ken, Kenni, Kenne, Kenny, Kennie, Didi, Dee, Neddie, Nettie, Nett, Edy,

    Rachel-- Rae, RayRay, Rey, Shell, Shelly, Shelley, Shellie, Rache, Rachey

    Isabella-- Isa, Bella, Belle, Isabelle, Izzy, Iz, Belia, Ib, Ibby, Issie, Abel, Abe, Ella, Elle, Ellie,

    Nicole-- Nic, Nikki, Nicky, Nickie, Nicki, Nike, Nika, Cole, Colie, Niki, Coletta, Olie,

    Hannah-- Anna, Hannie, Han, Annie, Ana, Hanny, Hani, Anne

    Olivia-- Via, Ollie, Livvy, Livvie, Livi, Livvi, Livia, Liv, Nola, Olive, Olia, Olva, Viv,

    Emily- Em, Emma, Emmie, Emmey, Emmi, Emmy, Emmye, Emy, Lee, Leah, Lia, Mily, Miley, Milly, Millie, Mili, Lea, Lya,

  • 1 decade ago

    Christina Chris, Chrissy, Christy, Tina, Ina (eena) Risti, Rista

    Delaney Del, Dellie, Lane, Lanie, Ella, Ellie, Della, Annie

    Charlotte Charlie, Char, Lot, Lottie, Harlie

    Kennedy Ken, Kennie, Neddy, Keddy

    Rachel Rach, Chel, Chelly, Rachie

    Isabella Belle, Bellie, Izzy, Isa, Ella, Ellie

    Nicole Nick, Nicki, Cole, Colie

    Hannah Nana, Hannie

    Olivia Ollie, Liv, Lia, Via, Lee

    Emily Em, Emma, Emmie, Lee

  • 6 years ago

    Christina -Christine, Christy, Chris, Trina, Tina, Chrissy, Christa

    Delaney -Laney, Lena, Lane, Dela, Del

    Charlotte -Charlie, Charls, Lotte, Charlot, Lot, Char

    Kennedy -Ken, Kenny, Edy, Ned, Neddy,

    Rachel -Rache, Rachey, Ray, Ree, Chel, Ache,

    Isabella -Bella, Bell, Isa, Izzy, Isabell,

    Nicole -Nicky, Cole, Olie

    Hannah -Hanna, Han, Anna, Ann

    Olivia -Liv, Olive, Livia, Livvie, Ollie, Viv

    Emily -Em, Emmy, Amy, Lili, Milly, Emma, Lee, Leah, Lea

  • 1 decade ago

    Christina - Christy, Christa, Chris, Tina, Teeny, Tiny, Chrissy, Chrissa

    Delaney - Del, Lane, Lainey, Elani, Elaine, Della, Dee, Deedee, Deli

    Charlotte - Char, Lottie, Cher, Charlie, Harlo, Charla

    Kennedy - Ken, Ned, Dee, Kenna, Edy

    Rachel - Rach, Chell, Rae

    Isabella - Izzy, Bella, Belle, Isa, Elle, Ella, Sabel

    Nicole - Nic, Nikki, Coley, Cole, Nico, Nickle

    Hannah - Han, Nan, Nana, Hannie, Hanners, Hamma, Hammer, Hanamae

    Olivia - Livvy, Livia, Ollie, Via, Vee, Olive, Lee

    Emily - Em, Emma, Emmi, Mily, Lee, Ely

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  • 1 decade ago

    Christina- Chris, Tina, Tiny, Chrissy, Christy, Christa, Rista, Sissy

    Delaney- Dell, Della, Lane, Laney, Delan

    Charlotte- Charlie, Char, Lotte, Lota, Charla

    Kennedy- Ken, Ned, Kenny, Neddy, Ed, Eddy (hmm, these arent' sounding girly) Kendy, maybe.

    Rachel- Rach, Chelley (like Shelly), Ra-Ra, Ray, Chel

    Isabella- Izzy, Isa, Belle, Bella, Sabel, Sabella, Ibby, Sela,

    Nicole- Nic, Nicki, Cole, Nolie

    Hannah- Han, Anna, Anne, Nan, Nancy, Ha-Ha, Hannah-banana (okay, those last two are mostly jokes)

    Olivia- Ollie, Liv, Livy, Livia, Vi, Vivi, Lia, Ola

    Emily- Em, Emmy, Emma, Milly, Milla, Mily

    hope that helps!

  • Alyssa
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    1 decade ago

    Chris, Chrissy, Christie, Tina, Chrissa Christine, Anit, Sirch, Sirk, Anitsirch.

    Del, Dels, Delane, Dellie, Lane, Laney, Lana, Layna, Delana, Yenaled.

    Charlie, Char, Charles, Lottie, Charla, Ettolrach.

    Ken, Kenny, Kenzie, Kens, Ydennek

    Rach, Rachie, Rachella, Chels, Chelsie, Lechar.

    Iz, Izzie, Bella, Belle, Saybel, Allebasi, Isabelle.

    Nick, Nikki, Cole, Coles, Nickel, Elocin.

    Hann, Hanny, Henna, Hanhan.

    Liv, Livie, Olive, Ollie, Oliva, Olivie, Vivian, Vivia, Vivi, Via, Liva, Aivilo.

    Em, Emma, Lily, Lil, Milly, Emil, Emilah, Melly, Melon, Melly, Smelly, Ylime.

  • 1 decade ago

    Christina: Christy, Chris, Tina,

    Delaney: De De, Elaine

    Charlotte: Kara

    Kennedy: Ken


    Isabella: Bell, Izzy,

    Nicole: Nikki, Ne Ne, Co Co


    Oliva: Livea

    Emily: Em

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Christina- Christy, Christa, Tina, Chris

    Delaney- Laney, Delane, Dee

    Charlotte- Charley, Char(shar)

    Kennedy- Dee

    Rachel- Rach, Rachie, Rachie-pooh, Rae (this is my name and these are some of my nicknames)

    Isabella- Belle, Belle, Issy

    Nicole- Nic, Nickle, Nikki

    Hannah- Hannah Banana, Hans, Anna

    Olivia- Olive, Via, Livey

    Emily- Emmy, Em, Emmo(M.O.)

    Sorry I am not very creative ):

  • cutter
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    4 years ago

    Dede Games For Girl

  • 1 decade ago

    Christina- Chris, or Tina

    Delaney- I love Laney as a nickname

    Charlotte- Love Charley as a nickname

    Kennedy- I know someone named Kennedi, she's called Kenners

    Rachel- Rach

    Isabella- Bella, Izzy

    Nicole- Nikki

    Hannah- Hannah Banana =D

    Olivia- Livvy is so cute!

    Emily- Em

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