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anyone from palmdale on here? how loud was the space shuttle landing?

how loud was the space shuttle in palmdale? cause i live in santa clarita and it was loud!

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    No fair, no fair! Just kidding. I don't like it when the weather here in the "Sunshine State" isn't very, well sun-shiny and the shuttle has to land in CA. Thus, causing me to not hear the signature double boom of the shuttle's approach. But, I guess I cannot be greedy. It was an amazing night launch from the beach. You folks out west are entitled to seeing sometimes too I suppose.

    As far as here in FL, with right conditions, I have had things fall off shelves. It's always been fun when I forget the day it's coming back and am asleep [not for long] or driving [what the HECK did I just run over?!?! or What just hit my car?!?!?].

    Cheers from the "Not so sunny, but drizzly rain and cool lightning flashes" state.

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