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Guy Question.. Football Jerseys! Replica or Authentic? Team Color or White?

so i'm trying to buy this guy i like a jersey but they only have it in the team color (and it's the baltimore ravens so it's purple) i know guys don't wear purple but it's the only color they got so should i get it for him? i rather get it in white but has a sale today and they only got it in purple btw it's a christmas present

and if i buy an authentic does that earn me more brownie points rather than a replica? =D i know what the difference is.. just wanna hear it from a guys perspective

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    It doesnt matter at all, if i liked the ravens which i dont (COLTS), i would where the jersey. guys wont care because they think authentic jerseys are cool.

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    The color of the jersey shouldnt matter. It is the team's color after all. Most guys would be fine with wearing a purple jersey.

    Id get him authentic also, if you dont mind spending more money.

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