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Is XP antivirus 2009 compatible with Vista?

I got a new computer running windows Vista but I already paid for XP antivirus 2009 on my old computer.Will I be able to transfer it to my new one or is only compatible with windows XP?


I have paid $50 for that program and I'm going to use it if I can.

Update 2:

Can you also give me the link to re download it because they didn't send me a CD

Update 3:

please help me I google it but all I can find is remove instructions not the likn to download it. help I'm losing my $50

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    Well,since you insist to use it,yes all trojan and viruses are compatible with all windows platforms.

  • gyalog
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    Antivirus 2009 is an undesirable application, from the authors of Antivirus 2008 . those applications have comparable to interface and "useful components". After stealth setting up, Antivirus 2009 will practice tonns of pretend spywareadware detection messages and provides to do away with suggested threats (when you purchase commercial version). yet in real Antivirus 2009 isn't a secret agent ware air purifier, that's basically an imitation of secret agent ware remover. Antivirus 2009 may additionally sluggish your pc and reason gadget errors and crashes. do away with Antivirus 2009 employing handbook removal instructions (for stepped forward shoppers) or removal gadget.

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    1 decade ago

    If it don't want it. Oh, and you got ripped of.

    Antivirus XP or Antivirus XP 2009 or any derivation a virus. It is a scam to get your money and it does not protect you from viruses, as it IS a virus itself.

    If you'd like to get some reliable virus software for your new machine, try Avast. It is free for home use, and it is rated as good as Norton and other professional anti virus software.

    Whatever you do, don't download Antivirus 2009 onto your new machine.

  • Ron M
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    XP Antivirus 2009 is spyware/malware. If you haven't clicked on the popup, just download the anti malware program Malwarebytes. Http:// Install it, update it and run it. It will remove this spyware from your system. If you have clicked on the popup, you will need to Google this problem for the removal process.

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    XP Antivirus 2009 IS a malware application.


    If you already installed it, you can find information on removing it here:

    (note that simply uninstalling it via Programs and Features will NOT actually remove it.)

    You should try AVG or Avast -- both good free antivirus programs.

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    You just purchased a $50 Dollar Virus.

    Google Antivirus 2009 youl find out its a spyware/virus/trojan

    Remove it from your system.

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