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R&P What should I name my dog =)?

My mom's friend's dog got knocked up and had puppies, and gave me and my brother each one! :D I don't know which kind of dog it is... it's some strange mix with really pretty blue eyes!

I'm having trouble on naming it... Something that has to do with music, obviously

Any suggestions? It's a girl, btw.

MQ: Favorite album cover?

Thanks in advance everyone


Mitchell and Ringo are not girl names!! :P

LOL, Michelle and Ringa?

Update 2:

Eh, my brother's is a boy... His name is Max.... I don't really like the name, but it's his dog...

Update 3:

Curlie, I was planning on Lucy, but that's my aunt's dog's name :P

Update 4:

LOL Yea, Rafiki, I did mention to my brother Maxwell's Silver Hammer, he didn't get it.

I was considering Charlotte Pringle (lol) and Layla before I asked this... Not sure yet.

Update 5:

Tangerineeeee, Tangerineeee! That would be fun!


IDK, I still can't choose!!!

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    edit, oh it's a girl


    Joplin (Janis Joplin)

    Aretha (Aretha Franklin)

    Yoko (Yoko Ono) lol

    Lily (Pictures of Lily-The Who)

    AND I noticed that i messed up before you pointed it out, so i'm not that out of it today.

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    Ringo has always sounded like a good dog's name to me, but if it's a girl...

    If your brother's is a girl too, it'd be cool if you named 'em Ann and Nancy (Wilson, of Heart).

    Eh, don't really have any other ideas.

    EDIT: There goes that, then. Max, eh? As in... MAXwell's Silver Hammer? o_O

    As the person below said, Penny [Lane] would be good. "Her Majesty", if you wanna be one of those people.

    Lizzy (Dizzy Miss-)

    Lucy- Albert King's guitar.

    Lucille- B.B. King's guitar.

    EDIT: Ah, so no Lucy. Lucille, if you wanna be annoying.

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    If it were my dog I'd be going between:

    Gillian (After New Order's Gillian Gilbert)

    Chrissie (Chrissie Hynde)

    But then again my dad shot down my idea of calling my cat Bernard (after Joy Division/New Order's Bernard Sumner, as he can't stand JD)

    I made a comprimise with Boris (The Cure's best drummer)

    But when I get my own place with my own cat, he will be a Bernard, or a Hooky....

    MQ: Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again

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    Yay! I *love* dogs, I'm happy you got a puppy!

    Let's see here...

    Michelle (Michelle by the Beatles)

    Lucy (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by the Beatles)

    Darlene (Darlene by Led Zeppelin)

    Tangerine (Tangerine by Led Zeppelin)

    Black Dog (if your dog is indeed black... I call my dog Black Dog sometimes, ha ha) (Black Dog by Led Zeppelin)

    Catherina (So my love Catherina and me decide to take our last walk through the noise to the sea...) (1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be) by Jimi Hendrix)

    Maggie Mae (or simply 'Maggie' or simply 'Mae') (I like 'Mae'... well, it's part of my name...) (Maggie Mae by the Beatles)

    Jennifer Juniper (Jennifer Juniper by Donovan)


    As you can tell, I am bad with coming up with music-related names. But good luck!

    MQ: Revolver. Disraeli Gears is close second.

    Edit--Haha, thanks Lucy. :)

    Yeah, Layla would be good too.

    Edit #2--I agree with James. I love the name 'Siouxsie'. I don't like the band, but I do love the name...

    *gasp* HOW could I forget Martha?! She was Paul's dog... and from Martha My Dear...

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    Kitty, (sorry I'm easily amused), ok now for seriousness, Emily like See Emily Play would be good

    MQ:A Hard Day's Night

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    Tangerine would be cute...

    MQ: It'll Shine When It Shines- Ozark Mountain Daredevils

  • How about Lyrica? or Merit it's the egyptian Goddess of Music

    Source(s): Lyrica= My imagination Merit= My book of ancient civilization
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    Why not Judy? Stephen Stills wrote "Judy Blue Eyes" because he was madly in love with Judy Collins who has beautiful blue eyes!

  • Layne
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    (Nikki Sixx form Motley Crue) or Flynn (Rob Flyn from Machine Head)

    Edit: I just thought of the best name ever; LITA!

    Like, as in, Lita Ford.

  • Rita... Ringa... Michelle... Eleanor... Yoko... Cynthia... Linda... Martha (Paul McCartney's dog's name!)... Julia... Patti... Maureen...

    Yeah, i just named the females from Beatles songs and their wives... whether they're good dog names or not, whatever!

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