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mac asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 1 decade ago

I have several problems with conflicting census information?

I have several problems with conflicting census information regarding the states in which people were born because the 1900 census threw me.

I had the information from the following but only the census image from 1870 to see what was actually written.

This is what I have been able to gather:

I am following John Presley Cox who is listed on the 1870 Alabama census Notasulga District, Macon, Alabama.

In 1870, his father is listed as being from SC.

1. In the 1900 Alabama census, his father is listed as being from NC instead of SC.

2. In the 1900 Alabama census, Irene's mother is listed as being from SC instead of GA.

3. I went to and it has all of the children as being born in GA and not AL. I did however find Emmet Andrew Cox twice on the IGI index and One states his POB as Tuskegee, Macon, Alabama and the other cited him as being "Of" Cobb, GA.

5. Irene's name is confusing as well. The 1900 census has her as Irene J Cox (Gracia J Cox). I don't know where Gracia comes from.

1870 Alabama census - census image - Notasulga District, Macon, Alabama - 14 July 1870

Father's Mother's

birthplace birthplace

William Cox 40 SC Farmer SC SC

Ann E. Cox 30 GA Wife not an item on the census

John P 16 AL Farm hand SC GA


1880 Alabama census - Bethel, Lee, Alabama

John P Cox 26 AL Self Farmer SC GA

Irene J Cox 27 GA Wife Keeping House GA GA

William P Cox 2 AL Son AL GA

J Marvin Cox 5M AL Son AL GA


1900 Alabama census - Tuskegee, Macon,AL

Lists fathers birthplace as NC instead of SC

Lists Irene's mother's birthplace as SC instead of GA

Father's Mother's

birthplace birthplace

John P Cox b. Jan 1854 46 AL Head Farmer NC GA Married in 1876

Irene J Cox (Gracia J Cox) b.

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    1 decade ago
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    These are problems we run into all the time. A rule of thumb, is the later the census, more accurate it will be. The birthdates of the 1900 census are usually correct. By comparing census records with birth/marriage/death certificates, one can come up with a correct answer. Check the LDS site if any records are listed. Also check the county historical/genealogical sites for information in the appropriate counties.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    who really cares?! its in the past now

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