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How much would i get for this wii package?

Okay i wanna sell my wii to buy a 360.

These are all the things that come in the package.


2 remotes

1 nun chuck

wii zapper+ links cross bow training bundle

super smash bros brawl

wii play

guitar hero 3 legends of rock + guitar

zelda twightlight princess

no more heroes

super mario galagy

rayman raving rabbids

WWE smackdown vs raw 2008

If all of these things were knew they would cost $675. All of these items are in barnd new condition, would i get more then $ 400 from gamestop or EB games? and please dont tell me to sell this on EBAY because im going to try that later.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Let's see..I'm pretty accurate on how much gamestop gives you for your games so let me calculate this...

    Wii: You'll probably get around 150 dollars for your Wii

    Two remotes: You'll probably get 15-20 dollars each for the remotes

    Numchuk: You'll get 10 bucks tops for the numchuk

    Wii Zapper and link's crossbow training will get you around 10-15 bucks.

    Brawl will get you 20 dollars

    Wii Play will get you 15 bucks probably

    Guitar hero with guitar will get you 30-40 dollars

    Twilight Princess will get you 20 bucks

    No more heroes will get you 15

    Galaxy will get you 15-20 bucks

    Ray man Raving Rabbids will get you 10 bucks tops

    SVR08 will get you 10-15 bucks.

    Altogether that's around 335 bucks when measured at the least prices. For example I added the least amount of money together like when I said you'd get 10-15 bucks for something I added the 10 in there so you'll get 335 bucks at the least. Which is a decent deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the sale value for all of these things new is $675, then you definitely wont get $400. You'll probably get less than half. Call gamestores around your area and they'll tell you what you can get.

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