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How much would i get for this wii package from gamestop or EB games?

Okay i wanna sell my wii to buy a 360.

These are all the things that come in the package.


2 remotes

1 nun chuck

wii zapper+ links cross bow training bundle

super smash bros brawl

wii play

guitar hero 3 legends of rock + guitar

zelda twightlight princess

no more heroes

super mario galagy

rayman raving rabbids

WWE smackdown vs raw 2008

If all of these things were knew they would cost $675. All of these items are in barnd new condition, would i get more then $ 400 from gamestop or EB games? and please dont tell me to sell this on EBAY because im going to try that later.

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    Go with the ebay route, game stores are really jippy on the pay out price they give people, and then they turn around and sell it for normal price. Game stores are basically specialized pawn shops with out the guns and stereo equipment.

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  • krell
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    you will probable get around 20 greenbacks by using fact it sells for fifty greenbacks for a clean, dont pay attention to that chick you will get much greater to your wii, gs delivers you 80 greenbacks for it (nevertheless kinda of a ripoff) btww i choose a guitar

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