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do you have to be an officer to drive a boat in the coast guard?

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    Officers are in CHARGE of our larger cutters - while our junior enlisted are the ones that steer.

    For our small boats (65' and smaller), it is ALL enlisted folks that are the coxswains (pronounced "COCK-suns". The coxswain is truly in charge of the vessel, and it's pretty funny watching them tell a superior officer what to do when they ride on board a small boat!

    I have only seen a couple of Seamen (E-3's) as coxswains - most are at least rated Seaman or Petty Officer Third Class (E-4's), up to Senior and Master Chiefs, with the majority being PO3's to PO1's.

    Source(s): I'm a Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer.
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    no you just have to be qualified

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