What do you think about Bard College at Simon's Rock?

I'm a freshman in high school (GA) and would like to do this program. It is a early entrance program. I would like to transfer to NYU or USC afterwords. I think Northwestern or BC would be other choices. If I went back to GA and went to UGA would I be instate still? My parents would still be here, and would I make Hope? I would also like to go to Columbia for graduate school. I want to go into journalism, but if I go to LA I will go for acting. Journalism is more for academics than acting. I'm a film actor, so NYU is the only school I would double major at. If I get a D or C in math this semester, would it ruin my chances at the AEP scholarship and admission? It is a teacher problem not as much because I am bad math. I can make it up next semester, but we only have 2 weeks left and think I can get a C plus in it and all A's elsewhere. I'm in all honors and an AP class. What is your feedback on this? I have already got feedback on other good higher education people. I just wanted to know your opinion on this school. What scholarships are out there since I'm just a freshman? You apply when your a sophomore. If my high school didn't give me a diploma would a GED hold me back? I have already talked to the admissions there. I just posted this again, because I saw Ranto and a few others on now. I just wanted some other feedback. Thanks so much!

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    well since you would be majoring in journalism or acting, the D or C in math wouldn't be AS bad as a person who would be going into biology (myself) because you actually NEED math in science. Though yes, it probably wouldnt look so good. Even though nobody's perfect, the AEP scholarship probably wants you to be : - )

    Though, you would have all As everywhere else, so it may balance a little.

    I went to Simon's Rock's Discovery day open house type thing. The school is very nice and really encourages class discussion. So, if you did get in, you wont have the "teacher problem" you are having now.

    I saw your other question about Great Barrington MA itself. Simon's Rock is in the middle of nowhere literally. The nearest place to civilization is about 15 minutes away. Across the road from the campus, is cows/oxen. And freshman arent allowed to have cars so the only job you would be getting would be on campus. And yes, theres a Kmart, some resteraunts, but thats about it.

    They also said that most people who transfer out of Simons Rock, go to NYU, Stanford, Brown, and U of Chicago. so you're in luck

    Hope i helped a little.

    ps. you asked before how could i apply this year because i wouldnt be 16, you can apply early, its just rare.

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