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I Want earnest answers important...ok here it goes, I always feel that:?

i work hard, put every ounce of dedication and devotion whatever i had got for work... this is somewhat academic and career wise....

i always get dissapointment, i rarely get success , i always put my best, i know but i always fail....

I had started to feel alone, i cant enjoy anything, i hate living from past a year or so...

I had tried to always put myself together... but now it seems like that i had started to shatter, i feel depressed all the time... The people who at my level even seek my help get more success than me... i know i had calliber to do it, but i always fail..

PLz suggest!

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    oh man. I just recently felt this way as well and i shut down and quite everything i've worked for. Which I later found out was not a good answer. What I have just done was to find someone who can be by your side to support you and not just try to receieve support from you.

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    Academic and career wise while you may feel your at the same level each person has different experiences throughout there life which may change the success that they have. I think it just depends on how you look at it you cant be disappointed every day if you always feel like that then you may need to think about a career change. Also try to look at the smaller details finishing a project see that as an accomplishment and stop comparing yourself to everyone, the best thing to do is to always try to improve your self. Personally I have recently finished my bachelors and there were some classes I had where I know I could do well and just kept not meeting my expectations then I realized you know what I gave it my all and I cant please everyone, so as long as I give it my all then that's the best.

    Good luck to in all your endeavors and know no matter the outcome if you give your all that is what matters most.

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    As the prior answers have said, take heart -- you are not alone.

    And, like them, I know what it means to watch everyone else move ahead while you stand still. I have made many work superiors look great, they got promoted, I just stayed where I was. So, I began asking myself -- had I done my best work? The answer was always "yes". After much depression, I finally learned this:

    Don't focus on anyone else's life, just yours! Take pride in yourself, don't rely on it coming from others. When you go to sleep at night, can you say "I did a good job today"? If so, than that's enough!! Learn to give yourself that much needed pat on the back, stop looking to others for it.

    Lastly, my faith believes that "work is worship." So, maybe just working your best as a way to give praise to God is enough. It is for me.

    However, if you continue to feel this depressed, please seek medical help -- NO, I don't mean therapy. A simple SSRI (like zoloft) can make a world of difference, and help break the down cycle. It's not a condemnation of your ability to "cope", just a little helping hand along the bumpy road of life.

    Good luck!!

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    Since you are focused on academic and career, you are steps ahead of a lot of people. Maybe you are being too hard on yourself, setting your standards too high or being too self critical.

    Without a doubt, talk to someone about this. Do you have a mentor? You could talk to a therapist or a school counselor.

    As you say, you have the caliber to succeed. Use that to seek help/guidance. Never give up!

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    I feel exactly the same. No matter how hard, or smart you work, it doesn't come out the way you envisioned, correct? I do this to myself every day. I'm beginning to wonder if I haven't set my expectations too high. While I don't pretend to know the answers, at least take comfort knowing you aren't the only one.

    Source(s): Realtor in 3 states, Appraiser in MN, losing house to foreclosure. I have tried everything I know to earn a living. Now I can't even get hired because of my past as a realtor/appraiser. Can't file for unemployment either! So where do I turn?
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    Everyone gets in these moods, you really need to just look at the positives in your life. I can assure you there are many people who are jealous of your ambition and probably countless other things you do. Don't let yourself fall into the depression spiral.

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