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Who is Better...this week...Domenik Hixen, Braylon Edwards, Steve Smith, Donald Driver, Mark Bradley ?

I need 3 WR for my fantasy team..

ive got

Steve Smith vs Packers

Braylon Edwards vs Colts

Donald Driver vs Panthers

Mark Bradley vs Raiders

Domenik Hixon who is starting this week for Burress vs Redskins

pick 3 and tell me why..

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  • Mr R
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    Smith is a must start always. He is the go to WR for the Panthers and the Packers are clawing and scratching for a playoff spot.

    The Panthers will need to throw the ball because the Packers will be stacking the box to stop the Carolina RBs.

    Donald Driver for the same reason I stated for Smith. The Packer's playoff hopes are hanging by a thread, and Driver will step it up today.

    I would go with Edwards in the 3rd spot. The Browns will most likely be trailing the Colts today, and will have to throw the ball more. That means Edwards and Kellen Winslow will be thrown to a lot.

    I would stay away from Hixon, he only has 21 catches for 302 yards all season, and 100 of those yards came in one game. He hasn't done anything to substanciate starting him. He may be starting for Burress, but he is not Burress.

    Bradley is decent, but so is the Raider pass defense. The Chiefs have nothing to play for.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Smith because he is a #1 WR and Jakes favorite target

    Donald D because Aaron Rodgers will be flingin it around today

    Braylon Edwards because Bob Sanders is out and Cleveland will have to throw to hang will Indy

    Bradley is unreliable; has 1 big game and then 1 catch the next week

    Redskins secondary is stingy with Deangelo Hall and Smoot. Giants still have Steve Smith Amani Toomer and Kevin Boss. Expect them to continuoulsy pound the rock so they dont have to throw alot. That is all.

  • 1 decade ago

    Steve Smith because he is really fast

    Donald Driver because he can make nice catches

    Braylon Edwards because he is better then Bradley and Hixon

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