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Terrorists have no religion, then why only the word "Islamist terrorists"?

Terrorists have no religion then why is it that if a terrorist happens to be a Muslim, his religion is highly criticized and he is called an "Islamist terrorist" but if he is a Hindu, a Christian, a Jew or a Sikh, his religion is never mentioned.


Thanks for answering my question. however most of you commented on things like "terrorists have no religion" or " Islamist terrorists". I want to know why don't they mention the word "Hindu terrorist" for Hindus (who have committed acts of terror against minority Christians in Orissa and Minority Muslims in Gujarat)? Why don't we hear the word "Jewish terrorists" when the Israeli jews kill innocent Palestinians. (Islam as a religion promoted peace and the word "Islam" actually means "peace".) then why attached the word "Islamist" to them? Why don't they simply call them "terrorists"?

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  • Ollie
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    1 decade ago
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    Terrorists in the name of religion cause terror.At the moment it is Islam.The people who are non violent always get lumbered with the same crowd & that goe's for all religions.

  • 1 decade ago

    All these religious zealots of any and all religions are the same.

    They look for the part of their chosen religion that supports their preconceived views.

    I suppose you could say the Popes of the 11th and 12th centuries were terrorist for sanctioning and in some cases paying for "The Crusades"

    If you do a little research I'm sure you will find that early Christians were considered terrorists.

    Until a Roman Emperor decided that Christianity was to be the only "true" religion.

    It's easy to become the dominant religion if you have an army behind you and kill anyone who prays to the wrong God.

    When do you stop being a terrorist and become "Fighting Monk"

  • 1 decade ago

    Its a problem with the way the media reports on the situations. The news doesnt often have stories of others committing terrorist acts. Im not sure that I agree with you, that terrorists have no religion. Religious people the world over commint crimes, practicing religious people. When I see chanting masses holding up guns and the news is telling me thier Islamic terrorists, the pictures shown are self explanitory, or so it seems doesnt it?

    I guess maybe I will read up on that religion since it comes up here in Yahoo answers alot, and find information on their charitable works, community services, and major known society enhancing effects it has on those who practice it. I wish the news showed more of this information.

    Its a hard and probably painful thing for peace loving, human kind loving, Islamist to have to deal with. If the problems were happening say in South America lets say, we would hear that regions religions mentioned over and over.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi Waqar - im sorry if my answer hurts you.

    Firstly, im a Sikh and i admit ( and everyone knows ) that terrorists were born in my community too. For that matter terrorists are there in every community - so in that respect you are right.

    But look my friend - just because there are hungry people in Africa, and hungry people in the USA too, that does not mean that since there is starvation in Africa, there is starvation in USA. We are not concerned with acts of terrorism , but the gravity of terrorism and Muslims there are the biggest offenders.

    No 2 - Moderate Muslims seem to tolerate Islamic terrorists whereas in other communities efforts are made to islolate terrorists. Hoe else do you explain ( sorry again ) the fact that wherever Muslims are a minority tghery act like irritants wherever amajority they act like criminals ?

    No 3 - rad these links - and if you agree with them - convert out of Islam. Most Muslims are wonderful people, trappped in a beast - if i am not being arrogant - i thi nk you need to be released.

    IMPORTANT. This is the truth about Islam, and this website has been banned in ALL Muslim countries.

    read this about understanding the religion Muhammad created

    a letter to mankind that we must fight Islam

    EDIT - for MIL below - i have read about Muhammad, everybody else, especially you MUST read this link

  • Saalam, I would like to say that this is all a conspiracy against Muslims by Jews, Hindus and Christians, BUT I CANNOT. I can't, knowing there are many christians in Palestine being killed by Israile soilders. I can't knowing that there are good Hindus. I simply cannot. Call i can say in answer to this is that the American people hear what they want to and the government broadcasts that same thing. America is currently in a war on "terror" , so of course, they want to show them in the worst light possible. America is also allied with Israeli, India and other non-Muslim countries. Again, I am talking about the American Government and its policies, not the American people in general.

    also, to answer the guy above me, just because we protest the unfair portrayal of our religion doesn't mean we support terrorism. We support peace and justice.

    Source(s): An American Muslim
  • 1 decade ago

    It's basically stupid propaganda that is backfiring badly. Extremist groups like Al-Qaeda WANT to start a war between Muslims and the west, so identifying them as representing Muslims is playing right into their hands. The state department and other experts are belatedly trying to get away from using terms like "Muslim terrorist" because as you point out, why make that distinction when Catholic, Hindi, etc terrorists are never so defined? Good article on the subject here:

  • 1 decade ago

    brother thats the game plan. ever since the islam flourished enemy of this religion came up with plans to destru it. this is just the new way. all those who call smuslim terrorist why do they forget thier own barbaric history. thjey were the most disgusting and horrible of all nations.all those who criticise islam baselessly first should read thier own history and then tjhe brilliant islamic history that how islam came and changed the world from uncivilized to civilized.isalm is areligion of peace and tolerance.the life of Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him is an example of patience ,love and harmony.All u those have grudges against islam should read openmindedly about islam and the life of Prophet Peace Be Upon Him.

  • 1 decade ago

    You are right. terrorist have no religion. Just look at Timothy McVeigh. He was a homegrown terrorist.

    But in the above case homegrown is the adjective. Just as Islamist is the adjective in Islamist terrorist. It is not an absolute. It does not mean all off the group are ______ .

  • 1 decade ago

    All you sad muslims only come up with such questions. The fact is that 99.5% of the terrorists are muslims whether you like it or not.

    And only the muslims in an attempt to defend their religion come up with statements like "terrorists have no religion". I don't claim terrorists have no religion. I know that majority of them are muslims.

    Terrorists from other religion don't have training camps to spread destruction, get it?

  • 1 decade ago

    lol.. the majority of terrorists are islamic... everybody else gets their stupid ideas to blow up the world from them.. basically Islam = martyrhood, shahid, this is terrorism... so naturally terrorists are called islamic, even if this is right or wrong.

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