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Your favourite names? ?

What are your favourite names? Please list one for every letter of the alphabet and include middle names (middle names can begin with any letter). These are mine:

Alexis Rose

Bethan Olivia

Cara Isabelle

Dorinda Lauren

Elle Marie

Finlay Michelle

Gabriella Faith

Hollie Maybeline

Imogen Hope

Jade Teresina

Kayla Joy

Leah Noelle

Madelyn Angel

Natasha Phoebe

Orla Charity

Paige Belinda

Quinn Juniper

Rachel Violet

Sadie Rae

Talia Grace

Ursula Skye

Vanessa Faye

Whitney Heather

Xena Verity

Yasmine Pearl

Zoe May

Have fun with this!


Sorry about the extra question mark, I put one on and then Yahoo put the extra one on for some reason.

19 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Ashlee Grace.

    Brittni Lee.

    Cadence Leighton.

    Danica Joy.

    Erin Rachel.

    Farrah Nicole.

    Georgia Ruby.

    Hannah Rose.

    Ijanna Louise.

    Janelle Marie.

    Karissa Lynn.

    Lauren Michelle.

    Melanie Shannon.

    Nicole Charlotte.

    Olivia Paige.

    Paris McKenna.

    Quinn Lorraine.

    Ryleigh Noelle.

    Sage Elizabeth.

    Taylor Renee.

    Ursula Isabella.

    Virginia Brianne.

    Whitney Harris.

    Xena Evelyn.

    Yasmin Dianna.

    Zanna Kirsten.


    Adam Joseph.

    Brandon David.

    Connor Jeffrey.

    David Lawton.

    Eric Samuel.

    Franklin Paul.

    Gilbert Nicholas.

    Harvey Scott.

    Ian Daniel.

    Jeffrey Keith.

    Kyle Lee.

    Luke Brennan.

    Matthew Blaine.

    Nicholas Charles.

    Oliver Ryan.

    Peter Steven.

    Quentin Robert.

    Ryan Matthew.

    Shawn Karl.

    Tyler Michael.

    Ulysses Richard.

    Vincent Shayne.

    William Joshua.

    Xavier Russell.

    York Peter.

    Zachary James.

  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Anastasia Grace

    Briony Anne

    Colette Amelie

    Diana Nadine

    Evangeline Lily

    Faith Camille

    Gabrielle Rainn

    Hayden Celeste

    Isabella Snow

    Jocelyn Claire

    Kate Amina

    Lucinda Simone

    Michaela Hope

    Noelle Sophia

    Olivia Brianne

    Pamela June

    Quilla Sage

    Rhiannon Eve

    Sabrina Renee

    Tatiana Monet

    Una Mirielle

    Viviana Soleil

    Willow Josephine

    Xanthe Marcela

    Yvette Genevieve

    Zoe Alanna

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Amelia Renae

    Bethan Alexa

    Chlo Daniela (Clo)

    Daniela Marie

    Emily Mae

    Freya Jazmya

    Gemma Kathleen

    Harlow McKenzie

    Isabella Autumn

    Jayda Olivia

    Kelsey Louise

    Lourlee Faye

    Melody Raye

    Nyree Rose

    Olivia Kaitlyn

    Pheobe Leigh

    Quinn Harriet

    Roxanne Hannah

    Saydee Malaisa (mal-ay-sa)

    Talia Noelle

    Una Molly

    Viola Grace

    Whitney Kristina

    Xena Skye

    Yasmine Jaide

    Zarah Crystal

  • 1 decade ago

    Arabella May

    Bethany Claire

    Cadence Anna

    Delaney Grace

    Eva Faith

    Faye Elisabeth

    Genevieve Talia

    Hallie Cassandra

    Imogene (I love this name too) Kate

    Joelle Leigh

    Kamila Joy

    Leighton Dahlia

    Marissa Sage

    Natalia Tiffany

    Olivia Jocelyn

    Piper Tessa

    Quinn Alyssa

    Rory Liana

    Shae Victoria

    Tatiana Faye

    Ulla Daphne

    Valentina Paige

    Willow Charlotte

    Xylia (Z Lee A) Abigail

    Ysabel Violet

    Zara Evangeline

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alexis Mae

    Bella Noelle

    Cassidy Anne

    Dominique faye

    Felicia Mai

    Gracelyn Marie

    Hanna Grace

    Imogen Arie

    Jillian Renee

    Kerrigan Rayne

    Layla Marie

    Maddison Renee

    Noelle Adilynn

    Olivia Rose

    Paige Elizabeth

    Quinn Lee

    Raylyn Mae

    Sydney Paige

    Tia Lynn

    Ursula Sky

    Victoria lynne

    Whitney Maye

    Xeina Raylen

    Yasmine Mina

    Zoey May

    Haha that was fun!!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Alexis Rose

    Bethan Olivia

    Cara Isabelle

    Dorinda Lauren

    Elle Marie

    Finlay Michelle

    Gabriella Faith

    Hollie Maybeline

    Imogen Hope

    Jade Teresina< i like this one

    Kayla Joy

    Leah Noelle

    Madelyn Angel

    Natasha Phoebe

    Orla Charity

    Paige Belinda

    Quinn Juniper

    Rachel Violet

    Sadie Rae

    Talia Grace

    Ursula Skye

    Vanessa Faye

    Whitney Heather

    Xena Verity

    Yasmine Pearl

    Zoe May

    but they are all goood!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't have one for every letter but I do have quite a few. After this list there's another where they're paired with middle names!

    Adelaide ~ German ~ Noble; Kind

    Amelia ~ German ~ Work of the Lord

    Annabelle ~ Old English ~ Gracious, Lovable Beauty

    Annika ~ Czech ~ Very Beautiful

    Aoife (ee-fah) ~ Gaelic ~ Joyful

    Artemis ~ Greek ~ Gift of the Gods

    Audrey ~ German ~ Noble Strength

    Aurora ~ Latin ~ Dawn

    Avalon ~ Latin ~ Island

    Aveline ~ Old English ~ Wished For

    Bella ~ Italian ~ Beautiful

    Bernadette ~ French ~ Bold as a Bear

    Bianca ~ Italian ~ Fair

    Briar-Rose ~ English ~ Shrub of Roses

    Brooklyn ~ Modern English ~ Beautiful Brook

    Caprice ~ Italian ~ Playful

    Cassandra ~ Greek ~ Inflaming Men with Love

    Cathleen ~ Irish ~ Pure

    Clarice ~ Italian ~ Clear

    Cosette (coh-set) ~ French ~ Victory of the People

    Dahlia (doll-ya) ~ Scandinavian ~ from the Valley

    Daphne ~ Greek ~ Laurel Tree

    Delia ~ Latin ~ Daughter of the Sea

    Diana ~ Greek ~ Divine

    Edie ~ Old English ~ Rich War

    Eliza ~ Hebrew ~ Oath of God

    Ella ~ Latin ~ Beautiful Light

    Elodie ~ French ~ Foreign Prosperity

    Eloise ~ French ~ Sun

    Evangeline ~ Latin ~ Like an Angel

    Felicity ~ Latin ~ Happiness

    Fiera ~ Esperanto ~ Proud

    Fiona ~ Irish ~ Fair

    Ginger ~ Latin ~ Pure

    Grace ~ Latin ~ Grace of God

    Gweneth ~ Celtic ~ Blessed

    Honoria (on-OR-ee-a) ~ Late Roman ~ Honor

    Isla ~ Scottish ~ Island

    Isobel ~ Scottish ~ Consecrated to God

    Isolde ~ Celtic ~ Beautiful

    Ithaca ~ Greek ~ Cheerfully True

    Jane ~ Hebrew ~ Gracious

    Jenna ~ Latin ~ White, Fair

    Joanna ~ Hebrew ~ God is Gracious

    Jules ~ Old English ~ Soft-haired

    Juliet ~ French ~ Soft-haired

    Layna ~ Greek ~ Truth

    Lena (lee-nah) ~ Scandinavian ~ Torch

    Leona ~ German ~ Brave as a Lioness

    Libby ~ Hebrew ~ Oath to God

    Liesel (lee-sel) ~ German ~ God is Boutiful

    Liv ~ Old Norse ~ Protector

    Lorelei ~ German ~ Alluring Song

    Lottie ~ French ~ Pretty

    Lydia ~ Greek ~ Maiden from Lydia

    Marian ~ Old English ~ Beloved

    Maeve (mayv) ~ Irish ~ Intoxicating

    Matilda ~ German ~ Might

    Melinda ~ Old English ~ Dark Beauty

    Mercedes ~ Spanish ~ Mercies

    Michaela ~ Irish ~ Who is Like God

    Monica ~ Greek ~ Solitary

    Nora ~ Irish ~ Honor

    Odette ~ French ~ Little Wealthy One

    Odilia ~ Anglo-Saxon ~ Little Wealthy One

    Órla (oor-lah) ~ Irish ~ Golden Woman

    Paige ~ English ~ Young Child

    Phaedra (fay-drah) ~ Greek ~ Bright

    Rosaleen ~ Irish ~ Little Rose

    Rose ~ Latin ~ Unconcious Love

    Samantha ~ Armaic ~ She Who Listens

    Sophie ~ French ~ Wisdom

    Soleil (soh-lay) ~ French ~ The Sun

    Tabitha ~ Hebrew ~ Roe-Buck

    Thérèse (ter-ez) ~ French ~ One Who Harvests

    Trissie ~ Latin ~ Bringer of Joy

    Twila ~ French ~ Twilight

    Verona ~ Latin ~ To Bear Victoriously

    Veronica ~ Latin ~ True Image

    Veronique ~ French ~ True Image

    Violet ~ English ~ Modesty

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Annaleise Mia.

    Bree Louise.

    Caitlin Anna.

    Dina Marie.

    Ella Claire.

    Fallon Medea.

    Gabrielle Rose.

    Hana-Mei Sora.

    Isis Rae.

    Jessica Charlotte.

    Kaie Ana.

    Lily Grace.

    Mia Elizabeth.

    Naida Anne.

    Olivia Jo.

    Paige Ruby.

    Quella Kathleen.

    Rosalie Luella.

    Sara Noelle.

    Tala Angelina.

    Ula Savannah.

    Victoria Jane.

    Winter Arya.

    Xanthe Skye.

    Yasmin Sophia.

    Zaira Li.

    I enjoyed doing that.. Took me forever! Some names I have only just discovered, and others like Ula I don't like, but it was the best out of the names I could find.

  • Adelle Nicole

    Bonnie Harlow

    Cienna Noelle

    Drea Bree

    Ella Nolee

    Felicity Belle

    Giovonna Shae

    Harla Hailey

    ilissa violet

    Jasmin Bretta

    Kandace Colette

    Lilly Sky

    Maddi Jayne

    Nicole Marie


    idk the rest

    -Maddi (answer ours) and Alianna

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A - Aoide Cassandra - Aleksi Leander

    B - Briseis Eirene - Beren Somerled

    C - Cassandra Eurydice/Ceres Persephone - Cillian Evander

    D - Danaë Cassandra - Damon Evander

    E - Evadne Cassandra - Emeric Leander

    F - Frída Persephone - Felix Evander

    G - Gillian Hermione - Galen Somerled

    H - Hermione Juno - ?

    I - Isolde Hermione - ?

    J - Juno Persephone - John Somerled

    K - ?

    L - Liv Andromache - Leander Felix

    M - Maren Ophelia - Malcolm Evander

    N - Nephele Cassandra - Niels Evander

    O - Ophelia Nyx - ?

    P - Persephone Eris - ?

    Q - ?

    R - Renata Persephone - Rune Evander

    S - Saoirse Cassandra - Somerled Fox

    T - Temperance Ophelia - Torin Leander

    U - ?

    V - Virginia Evadne - Väinö Evander

    W - Wren Persephone - William Evander

    X - Xenia Hermione - Xaver Cillian

    Y - ?

    Z - Zoë Andromache - Zephyr Cillian

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