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Language learning theories?

please help me.. elaborate these in a simple way so i can understand.. please i really need to know

Language Learning Theories


Language development is a process of meaning construction through the use of one’s schema and background for experiences.


Language development results from learners’ own initiation and integration of purpose, intention and motivation with perception, attention, comprehension learning and memory


Language development is a product of social activity. Socialization helps learners organize their thoughts and refines their meanings through language

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    Constructivism (a branch of Psychology):

    It is rooted in Piaget's theory of cognitive development. To put it simply, in language learning, the learner (or the child) has to use his/her mental representations (= schemata, which is the plural of "schema") and his/her experiences in order to make sense of the world around him/her (or in order to interact with others). According to Piaget, children/learners CONSTRUCT their "cognitive ability" as they interact with parents (caretakers and/or peers).

    Psycholinguistics (a branch of Linguistics):

    Psycholinguists study a person's mental processes as (s)he produces and understands language. The term "psycho-" refers to certain psychological factors (such as concepts, memory, perception, etc.) that affect the use of language, and the term "-linguistics" refers to language (as a system of communication).

    Sociolinguistics (a branch of Linguistics):

    Sociolinguists analyze social factors (such as level of education, age, ethnicity, social class, etc.) involved in interpersonal communication.

    As you can see, the 3 theories are concerned with language use (language acquisition and/or communication) although from different perspectives. Constructivists focus fundamentally on cognitive development (= cognition, knowledge, understanding); psycholinguists concentrate basically on mental processes (= the mind); and sociolinguists direct their attention primarily to social factors (= the environment).

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