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history promble about reason of rise of totalitarianism

i would like to have reason of rise of totalitarianism.

Also, please explain why and lead what happen. (using english )

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    The rise of totalitarianism in Germany (and also Italy) reflected the failure of the post WWI settlements.While individuals in a democratic country found that a democratic government could not solve internal economic problems or resist humiliations imposed by other democratic powers, they would turn to extreme nationalism, be willing to sacrifice one's own freedom in exchange for national glory if a strong dictator could "save" them.

    The fear of Communism also helped Fascists gain support. Another point is that Mussolini and Hitler were also eloquent speakers who could stir up people's emotions in times of difficulty. When people were sick of the economic problems and had no more confidence in the democratic government, the Nazis promised Germans that they had a solution and that they would put the nation back into peace and economic stability. Thus many Germans began to support the Nazi party.The following page may give you some useful facts and analysis:http://www.hoocher.com/mr.j%27spage/postwareuropea...

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    The following page(s) may .....

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