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我要找肢體語言的片語 至少要10個以上 找了好久還是找不到 各位幫幫忙囉 是英文何中文喔


例如: get cold feet 失去勇氣

have a green thumb有園藝天份 等


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    ★ blow out the candles 吹蠟燭

    ★ take out your pencil 拿出鉛筆

    ★ put away youe pencil 放回鉛筆

    ★ turn on the radio 打開收音機

    ★ turn off the radio 關閉收音機

    ★ fill out a form 填表格

    ★ look up a word 查一個單字

    ★ pass out the paper 傳遞一張紙

    ★ cross out the word 劃掉一個字

    ★ pick up the receiver 拿起電話筒

    ★ hang up the receiver 掛掉電話筒

    ★ wake up 醒來

    ★ get up 起床

    ★ look for a new apartment 尋找新公寓

    ★ move in 搬進新居

    ★ move out 搬出去

    ★ hang up the clothes 吊衣服

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    ■ the green-eyed monster忌妒

    A young man may suffer from the green-eyed monster if his girlfriend begins going out with someone else.

    ■ Have a green light得到授權

    We want you to know we have a green light to continue this series next week.

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    ■ To blow out of proportion 反應過度

    Amy urged her husband not to blow the incident out of proportion.

    ■ Have a sense of proportion 取得平衡

    Mary is a hard worker who takes her job seriously, but she has a sense of proportion and finds time to have fun.

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    ■ hit the ceiling 勃然大怒

    When Mary came home at three in the morning, her father hit the ceiling.

    ■ hit the jackpot 中大獎

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