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What happens if you spray a human with bear mace?

A friend of mine was wanting some powerful pepper spray for self-defense use and I suggested the pepper spray they sell for use against bears. I did read something about how you aren't supposed to use it on humans, but I wonder if there are legal ramifications of using bear mace as opposed to human mace in a self-defense scenario. Also, would there be any long term health impacts that would not be present in regular mace. My friend said bear mace sounded like a good option since a product capable of stopping a charging grizzly should be effective against a crackhead rapist. So, any thoughts?

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    1 decade ago
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    There is a measuring item called SHU's (Scoville Heat Units) that is used to gauge the intensity of different items/products. It is the reaction of the item to the skin that is being measured here.

    A Jalapeno pepper is rated at 7,500 SHU. Def Tech's O.C. Pepper spray is rated at 25,000 SHU. Phase IV O.C. Pepper spray ( which is the bear repellant you are speaking of) is rated at 2,000,000 SHU ( that is two million).

    We tested Phase IV about 4 years ago for our department to see if it would be better than the Def Tech at 25,000 SHU. One of our SWAT men volunteered ( he was the guy that walks around with the big red "S" on his chest all day). I gave him a one half second spray on the side of the face only for a simple test. The skin immediately blistered and he had to be taken to the hospital.

    Our legal department took about 3.7 nanoseconds to decide that we would NOT replace our present OC pepper with the Phase IV

    PS....In Ohio, where I work, the State Police were approved and now carry Phase IV and a second line defensive spray. They use the Def Tech OC first and if that does not stop the aggressor, they use the Phase IV.

    In answer to your question now. Would it stop even a drug crazed rapist? Absolutely!! It would melt his eyeballs in his head. A person who can't see or breathe certainly wouldn't be interested in a life of crime at that moment.

    Now for the downside. Yes, you are defending yourself from an attack. Have you used too much reactive force here? The attacker is definetely going to the hospital and if you got a good shot in his eyes, you may have caused permanent damage. Does this leave you open to both criminal and civil charges? Under Use of Force guidelines, you may meet any level of agression with the same level and take it one step higher ( this is law enforcement, but it can apply in a court of law for self defense as well). Our legal department decided against using this for these reasons. I can only guess that this is a decision that you would have to make for yourself. Chances are excellent that if you hang around after an attack, you stand a very good chance of being arrested. After that, only a jury of your peers can decide whether you acted prudently in self defense.

    At this point, you can now make your own informed decision. Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

    Source(s): Firearms Instructor, Arsenal Officer, Armorer, Use of Force Instructor, Chemical Munitions Instructor
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    What happens if you spray a human with bear mace?

    A friend of mine was wanting some powerful pepper spray for self-defense use and I suggested the pepper spray they sell for use against bears. I did read something about how you aren't supposed to use it on humans, but I wonder if there are legal ramifications of using bear mace as opposed to...

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    I see no reason why you couldn't use bear mace. Seriously, so what if it is illegal? If it saves your life no jury in their right mind will convict you for using bear mace. Even if they were insane enough to convict you of using bear mace against a person (which I don't think is a crime in a life-or-death situation), the worst you'd probably get is some community service. That is a lot better than being dead.

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    Ya, nightrider is correct its not the percentage, its the scoville units and actually bear spray is not near the most powerful spray you can buy. Its really only geared for bear use because of the can size and its ability to shoot so far (it also has to be approved by the EPA not to cause permanent damage to be sold as bear spray) . If you want something really powerful look for a spray that is at least a couple million scoville units - this one is actually made with 3 million scoville unit, food grade OC and actually is 18% concentration which makes the effects last longer - its really nasty stuff.

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    4 years ago

    Pepper Spray Scoville

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    The stuff I got sprayed with at the academy was made for humans and made bear spray look like aloe cream.

    The factor that makes is stronger isn't percentage but rather SHU (Scoville heat units). However, bear spray is more effective than the off the shelf civilian stuff.

    Source(s): 11 years law enforcement
  • 1 decade ago

    A buddy was trying to be funny and spayed a very short bust of some bear mace in the air twenty plus feet away from me. my eyes started watering my nose running and i started gagging and coughing at the same time.

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    7 years ago

    I was bear sprayed for about 3 full seconds at point blank range (Sticky situation), I couldn't open my eyes for 20 minutes (Ambulance picked me up and poured saline in my eyes) A hot shower burned my whole body for a coupled days. I thought it was some form of acid or something shot out of a fire extinguisher that messed up my eyes at first.

    It's Illegal to use as self defense out side of your home, it's classed a weapon.

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