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Binocular Suggestions for Astronomy?

Anybody have any suggestions as for the best binoculars to get for astronomy purposes in the $50 price range? Anything I should look for specifically in binoculars? Thanks

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    Astronomy is a challenging activity for binoculars. It tends to reveal optical problems which are all but invisible during the day.

    If at all possible, buy them in person and test the binocular you are buying at night by looking at the stars. A good pair of binoculars will show stars as tiny pin points; like this ".", not like these "O" or "-". But, there is a lot of variation even within the production run for the same model; so keep the receipt if you are unable to test them at the store.

    Common potential problem areas:

    1) Cheap plastic lenses will not resolve a clear image

    2) Poor collimation creates a double image

    3) Optical misalignment within either tube distorts the image on either side.

    Also, avoid all binoculars with variable magnification. These do not work well for astronomy. The variable magnification set up will narrow the field of view at low power, and the gears can be/become slightly off leading to optical issues.

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    these look good for your price range:

    Be sure save up for a decent tripod as soon as you can, you can get much better views with steady binoculars as opposed to shaky hand held binoculars

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