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Paul Mitchell hair stuff?

So I'm probably going to go get a much-needed hair cut. I usually go to the Paul Mitchell School (the one in Rhode Island). I know the stylists there will use products on your hair when theyre doing it, but I wanted to know which products from the line people like. I have shoulderish length curly/wavy hair that I ike straightening when I can, but its thick and theres a lot of it, so it takes forever. and it poofs. i want the option to leave it curly sometimes.

oh and im not very highmaintenece, i.e. i don't want to spend more than 10 minutes on it.

and i dont own a blowdryer.

any help would be amazing

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    I love Paul Mitchell products.

    For straightening, the Super Skinny line of products works well. My daughter has very thick wavy hair, and the Super Skinny products get her hair absolutely sleek and straight. Usually she does blowdry it, then uses a flatiron on it, though.

    Which products will work best for you will depend on your cut, the thickness of your hair, and how you want your hair to look when it's finished. Since yours is thick and curly, you might want to get a mousse to give the curls some definition on days you want to wear it curly, and maybe a serum for when you want it smoother and straighter. In any case, the Paul Mitchell shampoos, conditioners, and hairsprays work really well if you get the ones that are right for your hair-type.

    Ask the stylist for recommendations. They work with those products every day and know which ones are right for different hairstyles and hair types.

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    they will probably use the super skinny line. i love it. its a miracle line

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