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is it bad wearing UGGS WIT SOCKS ?

IS IT BAD TO WEAR socks . or with out socks. would you uggs get stinky with out socks sweaty feet ?

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    I wear socks with my uggs because I find it more comfortable. Also, they do make your feet smell bad. I normally wear socks with mine though because on my first pair (classic tall) I wore them without socks for one winter and the shearling lining on the bottom started to peel back which was very uncomfortable. They now make inserts to fix that but I still always wear mine with socks.

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    No, it's not bad. But, it might make your uggs wear out faster. Your feet sweat no matter what everyday, but usually socks prevent this sweat from getting in your shoes. That's why shoes like flats that people wear without socks tend to smell sweaty and have bad souls after only a short while. Flip flops and sandals are usually spared this because they are open to the air, which prevents large amounts of foot-caused moisture from accumulating in a closed space (like in flats or boots)

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    Wearing socks messes up the fur at the bottom of the shoe, it pushes the fur down and clumps it together.

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    well it depends on how much your feet sweat. if u r an average sweater, then u should b fine. but lets say ur a heavy sweater lets say we go with some thick socks. perhaps wool. they might get a tad stinky, but theres always febreeze.

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    wear socks or your uggs get feral and sweaty

  • victor
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    They say that you should wear em barefoot to 'maximize the benifits of sheepskin' but i think they would just smell if you didn't wear them with socks

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    It's bad to wear Uggs full stop..they're nasteh.

  • yeah your they would get stinky if you didn't have socks.. all that sheep fur would absorb the sweat.

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    No i wear em with socks

    And my feet dont go sweaty ...

    answeer mine?


  • 1 decade ago

    its bad enough that you're wearing uggs

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