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Should I put my cat to sleep?? I can't decide what is best for him?

My cat is 15 years old and about 3 years ago he had all of his male parts removed because of a blockage. Ever since then he has had trouble going to the bathroom. He is in and out of the vet every few months with bladder infections and they can't seem to ever cure it completely (they say its becuase of the surgery he had) Well, when we moved to a new house everything was going great until he decided to start going to the bathroom on the new leather furniture...and eventually every other piece as well. Last week we took him back to the vet and they diagnosed him with diabetes. He still has the uniary track infection and he bleeds whenever he goes to the bathroom.

I can't decide because he still looks like he feels fine, and the doctor says that he is not in a lot of pain, he just doesn't feel very well. He has been such an important part of my life and I can't decide if I put him to sleep now, if I will be taking a few years off the life that he has left. I would really appreciate any feedback anyone can give me.

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    Living on a farm with many animals, I can tell you that deciding the fate of a loyal, lifelong pet is one of the most difficult things one can do. We have put many pets to sleep in our 60 years, always making the decision to do so when it was evident that the animal was suffering. I hate to see and animal suffer and death can be a kinder alternative to a life prolonged in pain. It's never an easy thing to do, to put an animal down, but I always try to think of the good times we had together and remember that quality of life is more important than length of life. Best wishes to you. It's OK to cry when the time comes.

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    Wow, you are really in a bind. I can honestly say I have seen other clients in this exact same situation. And my heart truly goes out to you. Other people may not understand quite the extent to which you have gone through with your friend. Money is obviously never been an issue nor has time or effort.

    The fact that he now has just one more terrible affliction after another to plague him is such crappy luck. And I can certainly understand your frustration in general. I would doubt that your vet would try to make you feel bad should you choose to euthanize although he is not at any critical stage yet. I am sure they have been with you throughout these years and know what you have already done.

    Understand that I am not saying you should do this. I am saying that only you know how much more the TWO of you can take. I want to point out that this is really a partnership between you. After all of these years of medical problems - you are closer to each other than a lot of owners get. So if you begin to resent helping him, he will know it and that would be worse than letting him go... Only you know how far you can push yourself and him. But just make sure you really tried the insulin schedule. Once he is regulated he may feel great again. You won't know if you don't try. If you make another choice first you will never know.

    Whatever you choose, I wish you well. My thoughts are with you both. xoxo

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    The important question to ask first is: Does the pet have quality of life? You have to set aside your own feelings and think about whether your cat has a good life in the condition he's in. If the answer is no because he is in pain, unable to do normal activities, or is nearly helpless, then maybe it's best if you have him put down. You have to be sure it's what's best for the cat and not for you as hard as that is. I'm sorry that you have to make this decision and I hope you come through okay!

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    Lets put the shoe on the other foot. If it was you and your quality of life was at this level what would you want. Things as you describe look like they may deteriorate further and that's going to be a downer for all concerned.

    The problems all start of course when we apply sentience to our loved pets. It's not to say of course that your tiddles is not self aware but poor darling, what a dreary and terrible end for the lifetime of love, affection and care that it's human owner has afforded it.

    The most humane thing you could do is to spend a few days cuddling and pampering and then committing to the reasoned path of euthanizing him.

    You have had just as him, fifteen years of joy but it's time to let him rest darling - and yourself.

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    Wow that is very hard. I guess I wouldn't put him down, if the Vet says he's not in pain. Try getting a really good high quality food with low carbs and give him a cranberry supplement or treats, you can get them at pet health stores. They REALLY help urinary tract problems, just like in humans. Good luck, and I'm sure whatever you choose will be fine, just think about all the options.

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    he seems like he is in a lot of pain with all the infections. I would put him to sleep so that he does not have to live in constant pain. but be prepaired for a lot of greaving on your part becasue letting a pet go is hard. i know this because my best friend had one of his dog's put to sleep and he didnt get over it for a month or so.

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    If he isn't in pain,then I wouldn't put him to sleep.Have you tried changing his diet to all wet food? A good brand like Wellness Core might help a lot,as he would get more moisture in his diet,which would help with the UTI,and the low carbs would be good for the diabetes.

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    this is a hard one for you. i would get a second opinion....see if there is any chance of him getting better and if not how much pain will he be in as time goes on...can you afford to keep seeing a vet....have you got the time and patience to look after him if he does get need to know all the pros and cons before you can make the decision or you might regret it

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    If the cat could talk he would tell you that he doesn't want to die. If you really love your cat, don't put him to sleep unless he is in bad pain. Listen to your vet. Watch out for the guilt that you may have for years if you put him to sleep. I did that and I am sorry I put my cat to sleep to avoid high vet bills.

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    Okay,I read your question.It isn't fair for a pet with those types of problems,if you know what's best for your pet,it's putting him to sleep,

    yes you love him,but he won't suffer,the movie Pet Semetary,and it's novel teaches you that sometimes,death is better,as the old man said.

    If you want your pet happy,you have to make very tough choices,it's not fun to be a pet with his problems.Besides,when you have the money,you can buy a new pet to help you with your pain.

    Now,I know for once you would reject it,but if you understand you may,but here's the way to do it,if it gets super uber worse,then you know it's time to sleep,for good.

    Sorry for what happened,I hope this helps.

    Source(s): I know pain.
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