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Has anyone heard of the Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG)?

Would this be the right surgery for coronary heart failure? My boyfriend has it and his doctor suggests he gets surgery because he starting to become terminal. Has this been successful for other patients who have this disease? Is it true you may have to be in a wheelchair during recovery?

His doctor also suggested Heart laser surgery for his other option. Its called TMRtansmyocardial Revascularization). ut he said this one hasnt been tested? My bf is very confused and scared so what do u suggest and what surgery is better for the Coronary heart failure disease.

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    I don't know anything about it but will give you a star so more people will see your question

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    Basically what a CABG is, is a bypass. You may typically hear of a triple or quadrupal bypass. It is when they harvest veins out of the patients leg and attach it to the heart for the hearts new circulation to feed the heart itself. They do this when the arteries on the heart are to clogged for blood to flow thru or if they are unable to put a shunt in during a heart cath. That is the traditional route for this type of patient. The TMR is very new and maybe getting a second opinon from another cardiologist is the best road to take to make this decision. Find out what the failure rate is for this procedure. Best of luck.

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    If his diagnosis is heart failure, it means his heart is weak, getting weaker, and struggling to provide blood throughout the body. Better circulation might help, but will not ovecome the weakness. At least more of his heart will receive blood.

    Has he had an angiogram yet to map his blockages ? Without one, they may be sawing his chest open to find he has no blockages in need of the bypasses.

    In my case they did an angiogram, and decided to do 3 bypasses. But they would have liked to have put in more, but I had so many one after another, there was no point. I fortunately had excellent collatralization, so I have not yet had HF set in, though it is expected.

    Has your boyfriend made all the other recommended changes in lifestyle ? With heart failure, he may be confined to bed. But without some kind of activity to slowly strengthen the heart, it just gets weaker and weaker.

    Exercise simply means movement appropriate to his condition that will eventually tire him, be it in 15 seconds, 15 minutes, or 50 minutes. But strengthen him in the long run. I've need to do 4 cardiac rehabs. My Dad died of heart failure at age 87.

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    How old are you that you never heard of coronary bypass? A million of them are performed each year. Your boyfriend has heart disease and knows nothing about his condition? Get off this forum and look up coronary bypass and anything else you are in the dark about. Hurry, do it now!

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    apparently sometime in the past your bf has had a heart attack and suffered loss of circulation to parts of his heart. A CABG will perhaps improve this situation. But it's a long shot. Most people die from heart failure. I would suggest that he put his trust in his heart surgeon and pray for the best.

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