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I have made my text glow on my myspace,now how do i change the color of the glow?

this red glow doesn't at all go with my page..what do i add in the glow text code to make it turquoise. Heres the page so you can see what im talking about. Thanks all..i want my page to match completely!


ok, i fixed it, its glowing now ;) Please help! i want it purple or turquoise..not red!

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    copy and paste the code you used to make it glow as an addition to your question, and I will be happy to fix it

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  • 4 years ago

    Im not sure why it happens., but i know your not alone. My aunt, and a old friend of mine had the same thing. -My aunt's eye colour changes according to 1. mood. 2. weather. (i.e. light change) I've been with her when it changes.. she has natural green/hazel eyes., and have seen the green disapear only to find hazel/brown. or pure green. I once saw that her eyes changed to a bluish green as well.. i personally find it amazing and astonishing that it even happens in the first place. It's really wierd and not extremely noticable unless you get up close and personal. I wouldn't think much of it.. i think it's really neat though. I'd appreciate it for all it's worth if i were you., it's a very unique thing you have going on.

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