What UC school would be the best for Film/Media studies?

Out of all the Universities of California, which one has the best Film program?

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    The "best" film program is the one with the curriculum that is the most appropriate for YOU. Without question, UCLA has a great program plus it resides in the city that is the de facto center of the film industry in the world.

    But the best thing for YOU to do is to figure out what it is you'd like to do as a career and then find the school that has the curriculum that will help you achieve it.

    As you undoubtedly already know, there are five UC schools with film programs. Research each thoroughly, contact the departments if you feel the need, and then make your choice. Every school has an alumni department. Try to contact people who have gone through the schools that interest you to find out what they think. Remember, you are the one paying for a service... you are the consumer who is investing a great deal of money into your own education and you want to make sure that the school you're going to is going to offer you the product (an education) that you are looking for.

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC


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    That would be UCLA, hands down.

    Be aware, however, that while you're there making friends with the right people is as important as studying the art. The film facilities at UCLA are the top in the country and every year, all student work will be shown in front of a panel of professors, students and Hollywood directors.

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