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I just got braces...?

what things can and can't i eat?

and approximately how long will I have them on for?

any other advise u can give me about braces?

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    Your advised not to eat toffee since it can pull on your braces, don't eat gum because it can get stuck in the braces and its almost impossible to get out. No corn on the cob, spare ribs, etc because you can wreck the brackets in the front. Don't chew hard candies or anything really sticky.

    Make sure that when they tighten it you run you tongue carefully around on top of the braces before leaving (Too many times Ive left and they left a wire sticking into my gums and it hurt, so my dad helped (bad idea). If it does come undone when at home you should call the office right away and make an appointment otherwise it can really do damage to your cheek or tongue. Wax and numbing solution helps with this problem (atleast until you can get to the office). The only problem I found was the numbing solution ended up on my tongue and the wax was hard to mold so that it wasn't in my way.

    The akward speaking that Im sure your having will go away soon enough dont worry.

    Braces, brush well and thoroughly otherwise when you get your braces off you will have cavities. (Ive been there) Wearing the elastics often and changing them regularly will help with decrease the amount of time your wearing them. You might want to keep toothpicks in your pocket and make sure that food is not stuck in them after meals (its embarrassing). And above all, listen to the orthodontist and you'll be fine.

    Btw, Advil, Tylenol, Motrin help with the pressure pain.

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    Some things they say you can't eat are Mike N Ikes, Starbursts, stuff like that. I never had a problem with any of long as I chewed carefully. I never had any appliances broken, and, like I said, if you chew carefully, they don't stick.

    How long will you have them for? Well, I only had to have them for 20 months...but I never had any setbacks...I took good care of my braces. Some people have had them for more than 6 years, so really, you have to ask your ortho about that.

    Other advice: Take some advil (or whatever pain reliever you use) an hour or so before your appointment, and then follow every 4 hours or so. That way you have a jump start on the pain, and trust me, it works.

    Another thing is to chew gum after your appointments when you get your braces tightened. This helps to relieve a LOT of the pressure, and will hurt at first, but if you keep chewing, your teeth will feel WAY better and they will feel normal faster. Some orthodontists tell you not to do this, and others give you packs of gum as you walk out the door, so really, it's up to you.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Me. I had braces for 20 months.
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    It doesn't really matter what you eat actually. The orthodontist will recommend that you stay away from anything crunchy or chewy, but that leaves you with almost nothing to eat! I have had my braces on for 2 years and I've never had a brace come loose or anything. Be careful though, and stick with what you are comfortable with eating.

    Braces have evolved recently. Some of the newest braces will only be on for 6 months! The average brace will be on for an average of 2 years though.

    My advice is fairly simple. Be very good about brushing your teeth, you don't want to get your braces off and have stains from where you didn't brush your teeth, do you? Always tell your orthodontist if something is poking you, or rubbing. Use wax, or wet cotton balls, to cover up places where there is a lot of irratation. Do what they tell you! If you are going to be wearing rubber bands, or other devices in your mouth, follow their instructions. The longer you hold off putting on rubber bands, the longer your braces will be on.

    Good luck!

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    If you are not happy with your teeth I would recommend getting braces because if you don't you may regret it later. I wore braces for three years when I was a teenager and after I had my wisdom teeth pulled I had a space open back up several years later. I hated the way my teeth looked but I did not want to wear braces again and everyone kept telling me my teeth looked fine and that it was not that noticeable. Well it still bothered me. I lived with it for about five years and I finally decided to get braces again for the second time. I'm so glad I did. I wish I would have gotten them years ago. So don't keep putting it off. Just go for it!!

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    I have braces too so I'll give you all the advice I can think of:

    You're not supposed to eat whole apples, cut them up.

    Same goes with carrots and other really hard food.

    You're not supposed to eat popcorn because it gets stuck under the wire (i still eat it though...i just brush really well afterward)

    The length you have them on for really varies. I knew someone who had them on for six months, and my cousin had them on for five years.

    Oh! One more thing.

    If the wire comes out of the end bracket DON'T FREAK OUT. This happens to me like once a week. Just get a pair of tweezers and look in the mirror while you try to get him back in there. If a bracket comes all the way off your tooth call your orthodontist and make an appointment to get it put back on.

    Hope I helped =]

    Source(s): I gots me some nice grillz myself.
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    I'm wondering the same thing for when and If I get braces =|

    All I know is that you shouldn't eat any chewy sweets, unless you can suck them. Thats probably best.

    Chewy sweets may get stuck onto the braces and it might be hard to get off. Also its bad for your teeth lol.

    Good Luck.

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    They say you can't eat hard candies or chewy foods that might get caught to your braces, but not many listen to that.

    But braces are actually pretty easy to adapt to. After you eat though, you may want a toothpick. ;) If you want to get them off quicker, then listen to everything the orthodontist says, especially if you get rubber bands.

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    Don't eat any chewy food, that stick, such snickers, and stuff. People have them on for differet periods of time, depending on how bad their case is.

    Make sure to clean them every day, with a special brush.

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    well you can eat whatever you want if you're careful enough, but i'd advise nothing too chewy, and do not chew hard candy, if you want to avoid pain.

    your orthodontist should tell you how long. everyone's different.

    advil and motrin work the best when you get them tightened, btw.

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    it will hert for about a week you cant eat chewy stuff that sticks to your teeth and don't eat eny hard stuff for about a week then you will be ok you have to where them for about 2 years

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