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How do you get cheap flights at Easter to Tenerife ?

Just been on T'interweb.

Easter fortnight is Sat April 4th 2009 to Sat April 22nd.

The week before you can fly for £29 per person Manchester to Tenerife.

On sat 29th April, you can fly back at £49 per person.

That's a midge's short of £80 return.

So my family of 5 it would be £400.

Yet, go in the Easter school hols and it about £450 return per person, or £2,250.

If we wait until say April to book, could we get any £80 return flights?

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    School holidays are always peak seasons for flights to sun destinations. If you find a super-bargain, it probably does not return within the holiday period. With so many people demanding to go, no airline has to slash its fares to fill its seats. If there is a dirt cheap trip entirely within the holiday period, beware! It may mean that the airline is in trouble and collapsing, or it may mean (if you are buying a package deal) that the accommodation is a cockroach motel.

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