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Has anyone gone to Liberty University Online? ?

Some stories or opinions may be greatly apperciated.

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    There are tons of online programs. I personally attended traditional and online-only schools, and I have taught for various online schools and traditional schools over the last five years. All are accredited and solid programs. Schools tend to vary in price, so we could say online schools are more expensive, but that is relative. Of course they are more expensive than a community college, but less expensive than Harvard. The price range varies.

    The key is to find a program that is fully accredited. Is it worth it? YES. My career has boomed since my MBA at nearly 5 years ago. I am close to finishing my PhD through distance education, and I am at the job that I want. I know I wouldn’t be here without the education. If you are looking at work in the U.S., then you need a school that is accredited and recognized by the Dept of Ed. I can give more info on that later.

    You should market yourself and not the degree or university. There are many traditional universities offering degrees that can be earned through online methods. Distance Learning Alliance has a list of these traditional online schools. Look at that if you are truly concerned with the name of the school. Good luck on your search!

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