length of plea bargain?

How long does the plea bargaining process take?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thirty seconds to three hundred sixty-five days. There is no standard.

    On a related note, if you are being offered a plea arrangement by the prosecutor's office, keep in mind this is a type of negotiation. Counter their offer and agree on something in the middle.

    If on the other hand your defense attorney has made an attempt to reach a plea agreement with the prosecutor and the prosecutor has taken it, take it and run.

    Either way, get it in writing (called a Cobb agreement) make sure it is signed, and keep a copy in a safe place. If the prosecutor or the court deviates from the agreement in any way, withdraw your plea and say nothing (stand mute).

  • 4 years ago

    The majority of rape or sexual assault cases are he said/she said cases. Just depends on how believable she is. Apparently the DA thinks she is believable. The DA will probably not be interested in pleading it down to a crime that is NOT a sex offender crime. So sexual assault may be as low as the DA is willing to go. ** Note: This answer has not created an attorney-client relationship. This is a general discussion of the subject matter of your question and not legal advice. Local laws or your particular situation may change the general rules. For a specific answer to your question you should consult legal counsel with whom you can discuss all the facts of your case. **

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