What do you think of South Africa?

I live in South Africa and I'm just wondering, what is the opinion of non South Africans of South Africa?

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  • K B
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    1 decade ago
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    I'm Canadian but I live Canada's winter months in warm South Africa and South Africa's winter months I spend in warm Canada. It is the only way to retire if you can do it. :o)

    I could go to the Caribbean or a dozen other warm places but I keep coming back to South Africa because it is interesting, very different from North America and Europe. The history is very interesting - love what to me are oddities such as cave paintings, mountains that do not have peaks as I know them. It grows an aloe plant that has fixed up every skin problem I have ever had. South Africa has the most beautiful night skies and the stars seem close enough to reach out and touch; it has fabulous sunrises and spectacular sunsets. It has not one but two oceans. The wildlife is fascinating, from the tiniest insect to the biggest elephant. The plant life is also unique - the protea is unlike anything I have seen elsewhere.

    The people are wonderfully different - spontaneous, kind, very interesting,often very talented. Most have a good sense of humour and some even pick up on my own very Canadian, some would call it warped, sense of humour - not everyone can do that lol. I love listening to the folks who speak with clicking sounds - do not understand a word of it but it is intriguing to listen to. I am very aware of the friction between some whites and some blacks but I must say I am very fortunate in having a circle of friends that include both racial groups who work and socialize with each other without that friction and it is a treat to watch them and to be with them and to learn all the neat things I have learned from them while I am here in South Africa over the years. South Africans are responsible for the fact that my Canadian friends find me fascinating. Without the South African influence, I would just be another boring old Canuk to them. :o)

    If this present global financial crisis doesn't turn me into a pauper, I shall just keep on coming until they lay me out. And living in two countries that have very good banking systems - most South Africans do not truly understand how good a banking system they have but trust me you have a very good system here - I just may be able to pull that off. :o)

    I think South Africa is great! I think most South Africans are great!

  • 1 decade ago

    well of people who have never been to Africa

    the majority I've meet and the majority i mingle with are quite knowledgeable and I'm glad to say they don't think Africa is a country they know it's a continent.

    but they do often spring on me words I've never heard before.!!awkward!!.

    oh and there those few who just simply don't know South Africa is infact a country. so we always get into this argument were i try to explain, no Southern Africa is the reign and south Africa is the country..

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm South African, but I left a few years ago.It is amazing, full with culture and beauty.

  • Nick
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    1 decade ago

    They think we live in the bush and run around with loin cloths covering our genitalia. True story - personal experience!

    An American asked me, "Where are you from?"

    "South Africa, why?"

    "You talk funny. How did you get here, there are no airports in Africa?"

    "I swam, duh!"

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